DPC Summer guide Part 1.

To celebrate today’s beautiful weather in SA (and many more to come), I thought it would be a good idea to give you a small, but helpful, summer guide (part 1)! You’re welcome.

Kids, this is mostly focused on Cape Town, because CT is one of the most popular holiday destinations – everyone flock to Western Cape beaches in December. So, if you’re here in the next 3 months, go ahead and get yourselves in silly season mood!

Beaches worth a visit: Koelbaai, Muizenberg beach, Gordon’s bay and Bikini Beach. Don’t know these places? Google: ‘Cape Town Maps’ and make the effort of knowing your destination. At these beautiful places you can swim, relax or stroll. Cape Town is popular for its beaches, so do make a point of visiting them. Not a beach person? Go have a beer away from the sticky sand and scorching sun. You are still welcome!

You will find some neat camping areas near some of these beaches. Visit: www.kwathabeng.co.za for places to stay.

Fashion for the season: It looks like everywhere you look these days you see neon and mint. It can be pulled off, but remember: It is what looks and feels comfortable. We are fans of rock chicks, metal heads, emo children and hippie boys – It’s summer, therefor put on your bikini and go to the beach – nothing to worry about, only fun!

Mint colours will be a big trend this season. Especially in flowy tops, the “high-low” skirt and skinnies.

Denim shorts will forever be a summer fashion trend. But why not dye yours? Take your old shorts and dye them pink or green! They will look brand new.

Get a fun swimsuit. Forget about what is “in fashion”, you need something comfortable and colourful! Visit http://sassyswimwear.co.za/shop/ to browse through hundreds of bikini’s.

Do buy a nice hat and sunglasses. The Cape Town sun is a killer and it will not have mercy on you. Besides hats and sunnies always look good – no matter the weather!

Places to party: Night owls will love The Shack and Mercury – these two brothers will keep you busy until the early hours of the morning. Play some pool at Shack and have a few shots, then head over to Mercury, next door, for some live action on their stage.

The Shack facebook page: Shack it!
Mercury Live facebook page: Mercury Live and lounge.

The Assembly is your answer to anything live. A big venue with some of the best sound. You might party yourself out of your clothes, money and friends, but it is all worth it. Visit their website for all things Assembly. http://theassembly.co.za/

Long Street is a favourite amongst some locals and a lot of foreigners, but it can get a bit crowded and wild. Be careful when stepping into this cosmopolitan street. SGT Pepper in Long Street is definitely worth a visit. Friendly staff and amazing pizzas is what you can expect here. But head up to Kloof Street for good food, good music and pretty people. Here you will find a more sophisticated crowd, but be warned: They party just as hard!

Got the munchies? Go to Rafiki’s, SGT Pepper or Carlyle’s (Vredehoek) for real good pizza. A burger person? Hudson’s on Kloof Street or Cafe Mojito in Long Street will fill your stomach with the most delicious gourmet burgers. In the mood for a pub lunch? Perseverance Tavern on Buitenkant Street serve a proper pub meal.

Rafiki’s: http://rafikis.co.za/
SGT Pepper: http://sgtp.co.za/
Carlyles: http://www.carlyles.co.za/
Cafe Mojito: http://www.cafemojito.co.za/
Hudson’s: www.theburgerjoint.co.za
Perseverance Tavern: http://www.perseverancetavern.co.za/about.html

Festivals coming up: Synergy Live, Rock the River SA and Up the Creek. Cape Town is famous for its beautiful festivals. Here you will find a variety of live act and activities all bundled up in 3-5 days! Don’t have New Year’s plans yet? Go to Rock the River. This year festival-goers can look forward to a 5-day festival packed with crazy entertainment! Keep your eyes on DPC for full press release of Rock the River 2013.

Visit their websites for more info:

Now yes, go plate your hair, buy your strawberries and blow up your beach ball, because this is going to be one mother of a summer: It’s the fun season 2013!!


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