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Okay, let us all agree on one thing: It is a MISSION to pack for a festival – Even more so if it is a 3-4 day fest. You always either over-pack or under-pack and you ALWAYS forget something. With one of the worst items to forget: toilet-paper (how weird to beg a
piece from someone else?)!! So, with Rocking the Daisies less than a week away, lets make things easy! Stick to this festival guide and you are fully prepared for what Daisies might throw your way.

You arrive on Thursday after a long drive and you feel kind of tired and a bit sick of the drive, but you’re too excited to rest your eyes for one second. Now that is all good, but by Friday evening, you are going to feel more than a little sick and tired (let us add dirty as well). So how do we prevent this?

Make sure you have these four ESSENTIALS:
1) WATER – lots of it. Put it on your face, neck and down your throat.
2) Something easy to eat that will give you energy – this can include peanuts, jellybeans, apples, etc…
3) Wet wipes. No, this is not for babies. It will refresh you like nothing on earth. Use for face, hands, elbows, knees and anywhere else.
4) Actual Essentiale – this little orange pack can save you from a hangover straight out of hell.

Now what else do you pack to help you survive?

I’ve put together a list of anything you might need to pull you through and help you survive the fabulous Daisies (in no specific order):

tent WITH tent-pens (don’t forget these)
plastic cups (do not take bottles into the festival area),
plastic bottle filled with water,
plastic bag for trash (do NOT leave your plastic and bottles behind),
toilet paper x3,
toothbrush and toothpaste or AT LEAST mouthwash,
travel-friendly shampoo,
wet-wipes (good for hands, face and
all other places),
bottle opener
small bag to carry stuff around,
cooler bag for drinks and food,
pain pills,

Beware that at RTD you will need to protect yourself against the scorching sun during the day, and the ice cold nights. Therefor, pack enough:

boots or other
closed shoes,
warm jacket or jersey,
towels x 2,
shorts and t-shirts or
tank tops,
blanket or sleeping-bag or both,
small cushion,
travel-friendly bottle of cream for instant refreshment on
more water in water-bottle,
head bands and/or a scarf to
keep hair out of your face when dancing,

and MOST importantly: ID and festival ticket!

Do NOT bring:

any valuables,
an under age person.

If you are a festival guru, you can also bring:

and charger,
an instrument,
food packed in cooler bag (there will always be food
foldable chair,
earplugs (for when you really need to sleep).
gas stove.

So, now you are all packed up, but also remember:

Mark your stuff (at least your name and contact number).
Make sure you pack any medication that you need to take daily.
Make sure you do not drive to the festival already intoxicated (roadblocks!! plus it’s dangerous to all and really scary)
Do not pack too many clothes!
Do not pack too little clothes (remember you WILL get dirty and wet)!

Also remember to look at the line-up and times, you do not want to miss your favourite bands.
Remember to support your favourite, local acts!!!

 A few secrets to keep in mind:

a) Use sun-screen at ALL times. A burned body is not a happy body.
b) Keep money for the last night and next morning.
c) Try to not loose or damage your tent.
d) Try to get at least some sleep during the festival. 4/5 hours every day will do.
e) Keep in the shade as much as possible.
f) An umbrella is not a bad idea – works well for rain and sun 🙂
g) Hide a toilet-roll for that last day at the back of your bag. Trust me. 
Take some snacks like peanuts, Vitasnacks and bananas – these will give
you lots of much needed energy – This helped me through the last 3
festivals I’ve been to.
i) Learn that Essential is the best hangover cure. Ever. 
j) If you take any valuables (camera or phone), try to get a small lock for your tent – just don’t lose the key!!
k) Make friends with your neighbours. You never know when you might need a little favour…. 


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Have fun.

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