There’s something about Lucy

It is Thursday, 20
October, just past 8 o’ clock and we walk into Mercury Live. The venue
beautifully recreated with candles, giving it an intimate, theater-like ambiance. The venue quickly fill with people, eagerly anticipating the debut album launch of one of Cape Town’s freshest singer-songwriters. For a while I sit and stare at the screen, next to the stage, portraying a young face. I notice her striking eyes; intense, beautiful. Lucy Kruger.

Lucy appears and finds her spot: Center stage. Her long, blonde hair and red lips hints at the rock, evident in her voice. The audience cheers as she strums the guitar to her first song. There’s an honesty in her voice, a wholesome sound and it fills the venue with warmth. A rustic tone that makes me feel strangely at home.

You can hear the emotion in her voice and I realize that her lyrics are
deeply personal, making you want to know the story behind each song. She delivers an honest, down-to-earth performance. I now understand why her voice made some of the biggest names in the South African music scene sit-up and notice. It’s certain that her music is ageless and that her eleven-track, debut album, Cut Those Strings, will play for years to come.

The Johannesburg native is undoubtedly passionate about making music as she performs
with a certain kind of ease, a certain kind of confidence. There is
definitely something about Lucy Kruger that makes you feel that you need
to know this girl.  

As Lucy performs her final song, I cannot help to smile and think, that this is where she belongs: Center Stage. A performance that can only be described as beautiful.

Album: Cut Those Strings by Lucy Kruger
DPC’s favourite songs on the album: Little Puppet and Fired up.
Other artists featured on Cut Those Strings include Albert Frost on guitar, Kevin Gibson
on drums, and Melissa Van Der Spuy on keyboards. Inge Beckmann also collaborates with Lucy
on one of the tracks.

Upcoming shows in September:

22nd White Mountain Festival, KZN

27th Carnival Court with NUKA, Cape Town

28th Bientangs Cave Hermanus, Overberg

29th Dutchies Hermanus, Overberg

30th K’s Hermanus, Overberg

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