with daisies in our hair…

Rocking the Daisies… It danced and partied from Thursday to Sunday and in all honesty: It conquered. Some of us are still recovering and the process will probably still last until the end of the week. A 4-day festival that rocked thousands of people into a 7-day long babbelas. A party that smelled of marijuana, looked like a hippie village and rocked like only Rocking the Daisies can!

With 15000+ bodies through the gate, in the camp area and on the dance floor, everyone will agree: It was a monster of a festival (in a good way). It was certainly Cape Town’s start to the Rock festival season. This year RTD truly burst at its seams and millions of memories were made!

Yes, some complained about the big crowds (everywhere) and other’s said that Bloc Party was a bit disappointing – It didn’t bother me. With a festival this big and well-organised, who cares about the rain, long queues or a few sweaty bodies too close to your personal space? The more the merrier. And yes, what a merry fest!

We arrived at Cloof Wine Estate in a truck – also our home for the festival. In all honesty: I was packed like I was going to war: two jackets, beanies, scarfs, blankets, water bottles, food, plastic cups, cutlery and plates, boots, hats, gloves and even a disposable braai! I was ready and I was not going to let anything stop the party. But just after midnight on Friday, my body had enough and I was forced to listen to the second half of BEAST’s set from my bed. It was clear: RTD2012 had different plans for me! 

There is no doubt that this is a well-organised festival: From the Camp site, to the different stages: These guys know what they are doing and they do it well. The facilities were even better this year and festies could brush their teeth at proper basins, have a hot shower and I saw cleaners at the toilets every morning. No wonder I saw a few “jersey-daisy” girls walking around with their neatly applied fake lashes, tans and straightened hair. Don’t worry girls: We love you too!

The festival was neatly set out, with the main stage being the main attraction. Every time I went there, I found a brilliant atmosphere with excellent artists and the crowd supporting them loudly. The Red Bull tent was another popular feature with people dancing the weekend away. The sound and lighting here was fantastic as always, playing beats throughout the night to a hot, sweaty crowd. I must confess: A few times over the weekend, I went to the Red Bull tent only because I was so cold!

The Nu World Beat Barn and Lemon Tree Theater gave more variety to the festival and it was always filled with happy people enjoying the talent on show. The Nu World Beat Barn was one of my favourites this year. A place where I could go when I wanted to chill out a bit. Some of the artists were incredible and the intimate space created the perfect atmosphere to relax a little. I even watched a movie in the Shnit tent (something I didn’t do last year) and I was pretty impressed. The tent is beautiful inside with comfy couches and bean bags. A definite place to relax when your body is saying ‘no more’.

Bloc Party was certainly the biggest attraction. Even though I don’t know all their songs, I enjoyed some of it. I will always remember the anticipation on Saturday night, just before they walked out onto the stage. I was standing in the middle, almost 4 meters from the stage and the crowd was pushing and screaming and dancing. I could hardly lift my arms. When they appeared (at last) the crowd went crazy. Some said they expected more from them, some said the sound was not that good. What ever your thoughts: They were here and we all saw them live.

My personal favourite act from RTD: ISO (Isochronous). These guys are so professional and their sound almost perfectly well-rounded. I will make a point to see their next act in Cape Town. Crowd favourite: Jeremy Loops.

Although the weather was a bit depressing, the festival was definitely a highlight of my year. To be honest, there was too much to see and do in just one weekend. I missed a lot of acts and activities due to there not being enough time, but there was truly something for everyone this year! Thank you Rocking the Daisies for giving me more rocking memories and an awesome time.

Until next year.


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