DPC Traffic shoot: Winter in the City

We recently had the privilege of doing a shoot for the trendy, streetwear brand Traffic Clothing. Since the start of 2012, I fell in love with the brand – Their clothes fit perfectly with life in the city: smart, comfortable and ever so trendy. They recently launched their Winter 2013 range at the gorgeous Shimmy Beach and it was everything I had hoped for – beautiful darker shades, layers and different textures paired with daring studs, prints and sequins.

Traffic’s 2013 Winter range is definitely one of my favourites this year. They have quite a few really bold pieces which is perfect for cold night’s out in the Mother City (look out for the studded, leather jacket!). There is also beautiful black and gold (also the semi-theme of our shoot) pieces that can be worn with basically anything and you can be sure you will make a statement! Think chunky knits and shorts and dresses with bold sequins.

So last weekend, we gathered our hot water bottles, scarfs and beanies, and went out in the cold Cape Town weather to shoot for Traffic Clothing. It was possibly the coldest weekend of 2013 yet, but we pushed through and got some amazing shots – even a few in the icy hail!

These gorgeous dresses are perfect for winter nights out. Wear them with stockings and pair it with a beautiful coat and you’re good to go. 

The above black and gold skull-printed top was one of our favourite pieces. Pair it over a black or gold top and add some skinnies – perfect city outfit!

The above black and gold striped jersey goes with nearly anything! Pair it with skinnies or a
skirt and heels, and you are ready for the Mother City’s icy weather.

Above. This camo top can be worn on its own or over a black or gold top. We love the gold stud touch!

Above. Possibly the two most trendiest, streetwear outfits. Gold, chunky knits paired with black skinnies and gold, shorts over stockings.

Above. The black peplum dress, paired with a beautiful black and gold printed jacket.

Above. The black, leather jacket with gold studs worn with the skull top and maroon skinnies.

Visit Traffic’s Facebook page for more updates and info on their Winter range:  Here
All prices available in store – Long Street and Canal Walk.

Also look out for their website coming soon!

Photographer: Adel La Kok

Shoes and beanies models own.

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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