An Interview With Grassy Spark

Vodacom in the city 2015

Winner of Vodacom In The City, Johannesburg

You just got voted to open at Vodacom in the City 2015, how excited are you all? And what did you guys do to celebrate?

Overwhelmingly excited, its quite hectic actually; our biggest worry has to be how much adrenaline will be pumping on game day. Calm slow release is important for optimum performance. The first thing we all did to celebrate was just to basically make as much noise as we could obviously

P.H.fat and Al Bairre also just got announced as local opening acts. Have you guys ever shared a stage with either one of them?

We have shared stages with both of these bands and are super excited to be sharing it with them again; going to be a boogy! They are our homie’s and we’ll be there dancing like crazy.

Cool! Which of the internationals are you most excited to meet?

Without a doubt The Cat Empire; they are the best of course!

Will you guys be doing anything special/different with this set?

They should just expect everything and get there as early as 10 am to witness it; this set, in particular, is not one to be missed; a lot of planning and Love has gone into it.

So, anyone in the local music scene that you really look up to or that you count as one of your biggest influences?

There are so many bands it would be rude to not mention all of them. Every single band in the local music scene has something incredibly special about them, and this needs to be celebrated by all music followers, as well as all musicians. The scene as a whole is our biggest influence, nobody should be left out!

For the Cape Town kids, will you also be at Rocking the Daisies?

Going to Rock the Daisies so hard people are going to forget to take their hay fever meds (chilled though we are a natural antihistamine – a cure for the itch or blockage 😉 haha)

Haha! If not at VITC or Daisies, where can we catch you next? 

The following week at Pinotage On Tap in Robertson – free wine all day, all night, so you know it’s going to be wild

Vodacom In The City takes place on the 4th of October at the Emmarentia Dam in Johannesburg.

Photo credit: Tash Montlake from Popsicle Studios


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