TARA talks about her music [Interview]

Introducing singer, TARA

TARA is a female South African singer and songwriter who is currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She started singing and writing songs in her early teens and also played drums in a couple of small bands in South Africa before finishing school and starting her travels.

After focusing on her professional career she decided to follow her dream to write again which led to a compilation of songs which made it onto her recently recorded EP which was produced by Peach Van Pletzen at Sleeproom Studios, South Africa. She has already started writing songs for her full-length album. DPC caught up with her about her life and music.

Please tell us who’s the lady behind the name?

I am a young lady who’s currently living and working in Dubai, UAE where the weather is always nice and hot. I have been here for almost 4 years and counting but I miss SA a lot. I have been writing songs since I was a teenager and now finally I am working on an album which is almost done. I love music and how powerful it is and hope to write songs that inspire people and make them feel like they “can do it”.

You currently live in Dubai. How’s life there? And why Dubai?

Dubai happened in a random series of events, the story is a bit long to tell here but it’s probably the best decision I ever made. Dubai is truly an international city. There are over 180 different nationalities
but also loads of South Africans and we have a large community in the city.  You can find biltong, droewors and Oumas rusks in the supermarket so there’s a touch of home available. It’s a desert so it’s really very warm for most of the year but we survive. I do miss the greenery of SA but I console myself with the beautiful beaches.

Your music is mostly inspired by your own views on life. Can you share some of the themes you generally write about?

I started out writing about relationships but I have changed to writing more about points in my life’s journey that are hard to overcome and then how I manage to do so through faith. A lot of my songs would also be about God as I am very much a believer in Jesus and it’s quite a big part of my life. Theme’s I find interesting is how we as people find our identity, how we embark to find truth in a broken world, how we deal with hard times and how we can overcome them.

Your new single DEEPER was released last month. What is it about, and where can we listen to it?

You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and CD Baby. It’s on most distribution channels. It’s about how much I love God and the deeper I go, the more I grow in it.


You recently recorded a new EP. Tell us about the process, did you write all the music, were there any collaborations, etc.?

Sure, I wrote all the songs and the electronic production was then done by Peach Van Pletzen. I would send him the vocal, bv and guitar track and he would build the song around that based on what my vision is for the sound. He really did a phenomenal job and his creativity blew me away.

I heard you played drums in a couple of bands? Do you still play?

No, I don’t play anymore but I actually have been thinking about taking it up again. It’s so much fun!

How was it working with Peach Van Pletzen at Sleeproom Studios?

It’s amazing, I feel so lucky to be working with someone that is incredibly professional, supportive and then of course majorly talented. Peach is a true artist, he has walked the music journey for many many years and his experience is so evident when you work with him. His ideas are fresh and he really gets involved and gives his heart to it.

Where can we follow you online?


You can find me on facebook by searching for “Officially Tara” and you can follow me on Instagram @tarar89.

Where can we listen to your music online?

You can find my tunes on Deezer and Spotify for live streaming.

Thanks TARA and have a fabulous end of 2015!

Listen to Tara: here


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