An Interview With The Plastics

The Plastics talk about In Threes

The Plastics have just released their new album, In Threes. Dirty Pink City caught up with the band to talk about the new album and their future plans.

Hi guys, thanks for chatting to DPC again! Let’s catch up: How’s the last couple of months been?

Really good thanks! We released our new album “In Threes” , Did two international tours (Australia and the UK), Have our new single Play-listed nationally (Song: All I Really Want), played some amazing gigs and made some epic memories.

Tell us all about the UK trip? How’s the crowd there?

The crowd there is good. It feels like they really want to hear new music and if its any good they respond well. People seemed genuinely excited about the band and we made a lot of great connections and new friends.

You just released your new album, IN THREES. Tell us about it: Where did you record, did you guys try anything new with the album, etc.?

We recorded the album in parts and in multiple studios. We tracked at Digital Forest in Constantia and Open Room in Greenside. We then mixed at Popsicle studios in Woodstock ,Cape Town. The album was produced and mixed by us and we feel like it was a huge labour of love getting it ready for everyone to hear. We tried lots of new things and opted for a really lush layered production , we added in swirling soundscapes and layers and really feel like the album has something to offer any listener. We are proud of this album it was a huge creative effort and we are very excited for people to hear the songs.

Who wrote the songs?

That differs from song to song.Sometimes we jam the songs together and create something new like that other times somebody brings in a basic idea to the band and we all flesh it out and tweak and arrange to the point where it is a fully fledged Plastics song. Pascal writes all the lyrics.

Any one song on the album that will definitely be a favourite with you guys to play live?

We are currently still learning how to play them all live so its hard to say 😉 But probably a song like “Sun Scream” or “None of the Others” seem like they will be really fun to play live.

We like the artwork on the album. Who designed it and does that and the name mean/symbolise anything specific?

The Artwork was designed by Baden Moir and Lauren Waller. Baden did all the line drawings and concepts and Lauren did all the colouring, animation and layout. They did an amazing job and we really feel like the artwork captures the vibe and meaning in the album perfectly.

The name “In Threes” has numerous meanings when attached to this album. It’s our third album, its our third incantation of The Plastics lineup and of course good things come in threes.

Where and when is your next gig?

04 December at Malkop Festival

05 December with Nomadic Orchestra at The Cape Farmhouse in Scarborough

Where can we get our hands on the new album? for Streaming for FREE download

What do you guys have up your sleeves for 2016?

Lots! Videos , New songs , tours , music , art and lots of shows <3 See you there!


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