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Vortex Open Source Review

You know, the trip to any festival is just as much part of the journey as the actual event. It all begins with that drive, and a lot can happen in a 2 hour drive. I’m no veteran trance party-goer, in fact rock n roll is my first love, and I’m no free-thinker, but I do enjoy a good prep-ride including some deep talk. Talks about previous festivals, stories of journeys (both the physical and mental ones), people, life in general and experiences. The road to Vortex was no different. We gave a lift to two experienced revellers. They’ve travelled, they’ve lived overseas and now they were heading to Vortex with us. The buzz in the car was in overdrive as we passed fellow Vortex pilgrims.

It was a long year and most certainly a very eye-opening one for me. So, I’m presently way too buoyant to not try things I’ve never done before, and be open to things a little out of my comfort zone. Psytrance being one. So, onto my 4th trance party (and biggest one yet), I can’t lie, I was excited.

Once at the venue, the anticipation had reached its peak. Everywhere I saw bouncing balls of happiness going around the camping area. Suddenly the entire Circle of Dreams turned into a village. Clusters of tents, bodies alive with the night, bonfires and lights lighting up the darkness here and there, and the beats palpitating through the trees. I was almost anxious with excitement.

The legendary Vortex celebrated 21 years of pure psy pleasure last weekend at the enchanting Circle of Dreams. With more than two decades of keeping the culture alive, the Vortex name has basically become one with psytrance. I’ve been to the Winter Vortex earlier this year, and can only say that these are some of the finest parties.

Through the trees we found our path to the dancefloor, spectacularly covered in colours and patterns, a kaleidoscope of beautiful chaos. As I stepped into the music, one thing enters my mind: Keep dancing, moving, observing. I looked at the faces of the friends around me. They were full with happiness and content. They were filled with smiles, eyes closed, hands in the air.

I’ve come to realise that this is what trance parties are about – It’s not just about the music, it’s those fleeting moments in between: laying on your back looking at the galaxy above you, meeting the trance alumni that tells stories of parties before I was even born, those hugs, those looks, the alchemy of “I know you know”, those long conversations about what we think we’re familiar with and those river swims in between the dancing sessions. It’s about that.

I’m most certainly not a prophet of that “that party/set/whatever changed my life”mentality, but I do realise that these parties make life lighter. No judgement, just awareness and fun. You see, seeing a 50-something year old woman hula hooping with the biggest smile on her face, and a couple dancing their hearts out in the early hours of the morning is pure bliss. Even if I just sit still enough and watch these powerful moments, it’s enough.

Everyone has their personal favourite set after a party, but from the feedback after the festival it seemed like the organisers put on a pretty insane lineup and it was as if all 5 days were filled with favourites. As for the venue, not much should be said other than it is one of the best.

Founder of Vortex, Grant Dreyer, has continued to live out his dream for 21 years. For all those years he and his team spread the love, and the passion and the beauty with whoever wanted to see and hear. His devotion to the music and people, and his belief in the party is clearly reflected in every Vortex event. This year’s being one of the best yet, browsing through the feedback.

And now, what’s left after it all… all I can say is, thanks for the memories. Those magical moments between the trees… Life is too short not to experience it.




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