Zebra & Giraffe’s New EP: Slow Motion [Review]

Alternative-rockers Zebra & Giraffe release new EP

The Joburg 4-piece’s latest project is “Slow Motion”, a five-track EP. This EP shows a bit of a deviation from their sound, as they seem to have added in some pop elements to their music again, quite evident in their brand new single ‘It’s All The Same’ taken off the EP.

The opening track ‘Won’t Break Down’ is quite an upbeat one – it has a cheerful, electro sound, with heavily layered vocals, while ‘It’s All the Same’ has an eighties feel about it with substantial repetitive vocals. ‘It’s All the Same’ is also quite a lively track, and most possibly the one that will stick in your head the longest.

‘Slow Motion’ is a gentle, delicate track, a bit like a ballad, with somewhat deep drums. Much different to “Redefine” – a track that finds the band exploring its heavier side with vocalist Greg Carlin pushing his voice to new heights. Acoustic guitar and dark vocal elements make this track one of my favourites. It’s powerful and deep – it just leaves you wanting more from the band.

The EP closes on a bit of an eerie note with ‘You Are’, which features newcomer Ruby Gill’s haunting vocals, and intricate piano music. It can almost be explained as slightly mysterious.

“Slow Motion” isn’t focused on just one type of song or genre, the band explores a bit and they are quite successful at it. The sound across the 5 songs is beautifully diverse and well put together. Carlin, explains: “On this project we wanted to push ourselves in different directions and not play it safe by producing the same thing we have before.”

All in all, “Slow Motion” is well-produced, well-rounded and easy to listen to. Well done guys!

Zebra & Giraffe`s new EP “Slow Motion” was released on Friday November 13th 2015.

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