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African Adventures: 5 Travel Ideas For A Thrilling Getaway

Visit Africa Tips

Tips for a magical African experience

There is nowhere quite like the continent of Africa when it comes to diversity of landscapes, culture and adventure. Whether you are looking for somewhere to relax in complete luxury, or want to immerse yourself in the rustic outdoors, Africa has something for every taste. And be sure to be amazed, because the continent always has a few surprises to offer!

Here are five travel ideas for a thrilling African adventure:

South Africa

Jump on a safari

It might sound obvious, but of course you have to go on a safari while in Africa! Only here will you be able to see elephants, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, zebra, antelope and lions, to name just a few, on one trip!

Botswana is the ideal country to head to, as you have Chobe National Park, the open plains of Central Kalahari and the waterways of Okavango Delta, all of which offer a slightly different experience, and the chance to spot different groups of animals. To really make it an adventure to remember, take part in a hot air balloon safari to see the animals, and the breathtaking scenery, from up high!


Head to a festival

There are few things I love more than a festival. Africa has fewer music festivals than other continents, but it is definitely something to try out. South Africa offers events throughout the year and in different parts of the country. The annual Cape Town Carnival, with its majestic floats and incredible dancers is a highlight every year and the chance to dress up! The carnival offers the community the opportunity to take part. Be sure to check it out when you are in the Mother City around March.

Oppikoppi is also a must-visit. This is the one of the continent’s biggest and best music festivals. Every year the festival organisers ensure a brilliant line up of local and international artists for the festival held in Northam, Limpopo. If you plan to visit South Africa in August, make sure to get your hands on a ticket!

Surf South Africa

Get the adrenaline pumping

If you are a thrill-seeker there is so much to do in Africa! Head to Victoria Falls to see the world’s largest waterfall up close or bungee off the bridge if you’re feeling really brave.

If surfing is your thing, Senegal and Mozambique’s waves are legendary! If you’re more at home under the water, explore WWII wrecks in the dead sea, or spot some huge fish in Madagascar.

If you want to whitewater raft down some terrifyingly wild rapids, Uganda and Ethiopia have some amazing options.

Of course, if all that sunshine has worn you out, Morocco’s Atlas mountains offer you the chance to hit the slopes!

Stay somewhere crazy

There are plenty of extraordinary hotels, lodges and campsites in Africa, but why not stay somewhere a little quirkier?! For example The Old Jail in Philippolis is a converted jail, where your cell has been upgraded with a more comfortable mattress and a self-catering kitchen — hopefully this is the only time you can say you’ve spent the night in jail!

Really immerse yourself in the scenery by staying in one of The Makkedaat Caves in the Eastern Cape, where you can enjoy a rustic kitchen, outdoor showers and a working toilet with a view — all in a reinforced cave!


Climb to the top

One of the most breathtaking views you will experience in Africa is from the very top of Mount Kilimanjaro — the highest point in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Of course, climbing to the snowy peak isn’t for the novice climber, but if you have the right equipment and have trained for it, you will be treated to the most glorious views from the top, as well as the pride of being able to say you have conquered Kili!

If you are going to explore Africa, and you absolutely should, take it to the next level with these tips and enjoy the most thrilling adventures. If you have any top tips or ideas for an African adventure, make sure to put it in the comments!




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