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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Next Trash Cabaret

Trash Cabaret
Image By Two Bears Studio

Trash Cabaret In Review

The first time I went to a Trash Cabaret event, I sort of stumbled upon it. We were looking for something to do late one Saturday night and stumbled upon the “show” in Zula Bar. We were suddenly at the front of the stage surrounded by colourful lights, “balkan-gypsy-type” music, extraordinary costumes and people with the biggest mischievous smiles on their faces.

So, this year I got to experience it again – And to my great joy the event was held at Hillcrest Quarry, a beautiful outdoor venue that plays host to numerous music events.

As we walked down the stairs we were greeted by a wonderful world of colour, music and beautiful people dressed up as whatever they wanted… just like that night at Zula Bar. There was a big marquee tent pitched in the middle of the grass where all the magic happened. For the next few hours we were properly entertained by a variety of artists; dancers, singers, jugglers, etc.

As I sipped on my rum, watching a burlesque show, I wondered how anyone could miss this. This beautiful, almost chaotic trash of a cabaret!

Trash Cabaret
Image By Two Bears Studio

So, here’s your five reasons why you should never miss another Trash Cabaret event again:

The acts are all unique and unlike you’ve seen before. Think burlesque dancers, belly dancers, jugglers, puppeteers and musical performances with a twist. They are all there with the main objective to entertain, and entertain they do!

The music is amazing. Is it Balkan? Is it gypsy-dance, or blues, or jazz? Well, put all of that together and you get Trash Cabaret. A crazy mashup of styles and genres perfectly mixed to create that exciting the-real-circus-is-coming-to-town feel.

They have all kinds of surprises up their sleeve. The programme, or “line-up”, is not very specific. So, be prepared to be surprised. Nothing is entirely certain or fixed and everyone is there to just entertain or be entertained. Things can happen spontaneously, and the programme is just a rough guide – In a good way!

People actually dress up. Believe it or not! You know those parties that have a theme, and only one or two people show up dressed accordingly? Well, Trash Cabaret is not that. Most people dress up fully. And by ‘fully’ I mean all-out-makeup, feathers, masks, glitter and everything in between.

It’s like a circus and a really cool dress up house party, but also not really. It’s just so much more! A culture, arts and music feast for the senses (with a circus-type of feel to it)!

So, next time Trash Cabaret hosts an event, get a ticket, dress up and go check it out. It’s wild and wonderful and your opportunity to see something completely different in the Mother City!

Trash Cabaret
Image By Two Bears Studio

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