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Mieliepop Festival 2016

Mieliepop Music Festival is back in 2016! A 3-day camping experience with 50+ live acts on 3 stages at a 1 of a kind venue with food stalls, hot showers and lots of additional outdoor activities. Have your tickets yet?

When you think Mieliepop, think: Great music talent, gorgeous rivers, rolling fields, squeaky clean infrastructure and incredible entertainment. Crystal clear waters, green hills, lilies and magical caves set the scene for our 3 music stages, surrounded by a massive lake and pools to keep you refreshed and energised all day long.

The line-up is incredible! I caught up with Bye Beneco – also on the list – to chat about Mieliepop and everything else.

Hi! Thanks for chatting to DPC! Welcome to 2016 – anything exciting happened yet?

Hi! Thanks for having us. We’ve spent some time in studio putting down ideas for new material so that’s on its way and we’re anticipating a music video for ‘Paraffin’ which is dropping soon. Exciting things are in planning, so keep an eye out.

Who are the people behind Bye Beneco?

Lenny-Dee (vocals & keys) is a secret ninja, and has skills that could probably floor most boys.

Matthew (guitar) actually has some really good dance moves.

Bergen (drums) has an eye for real good photographs on street view on google maps. He has an entire album of well thought out shots.

So, what’s up for the new year? What are your plans – touring, a new album maybe, etc.?

We will be releasing new music and new videos this year, some stuff is nearly ready to be put out, so that’s comin’ at ya. Regarding shows and touring, lots of cool prospects are in motion, but you will have to keep your ears to the ground for that.

You guys have a very unique sound and image, but who or what influences it?

We all have very different musical influences to each other, though living in Johannesburg has to be one of our biggest influences.


“We sit in a circle and hold hands in silence before entering the jam room.”

How do you come up with new stuff to stay current? What’s the process behind coming up with new material?

We sit in a circle and hold hands in silence before entering the jam room. Always helps to get in the zone.

What is the name about, ‘Bye Beneco’? Is there a story behind it?

Not really. Well, there are lots of stories. We can’t decide which one to tell you so, make it up like we do.

You opened for Ben Howard last year, how was the experience?

It was incredible playing to so many people. I think a good portion of the crowd had never heard of us before, so there was a lot of pressure making sure it all happened right  but the feedback was really positive. The quality of sound was amazing. Bands don’t get to play on gear like that all the time, so that was memorable for us.

Anything memorable or interesting happened backstage?

Hell yes.

You will be at Mieliepop this year. First time?

Yes! Very amped! It’s such a good line up and we love anything that Henk organises, haha.

What can people expect of your set at the festival – any new stuff, a couple of surprises?

We do have some brand new songs, so we’re hyped we get to perform those at Mieliepop.

Anyone on the line up you’re really excited to see?

Our good friends Urban Village & of course Sol Gems.

First 3 things you pack when going to a festival?

Hip flask
Wet wipes

How many instruments can you play between the three of you?

9? Collectively.

What do you guys do together when you’re not making music?

We’ve all been good friends for many years so the usual things friends do.

Where can we follow you online:


Twitter: @byebenecoband

Instagram: @byebeneco


Where can we listen to your music online, and/or buy it?

You can get it on iTunes or you can get the physical copy at at any Musica.

Thanks and see you at Mieliepop!


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Date: 18 – 21 March 2016
Venue: Tolderia Farm, Lothair
Tickets: R550 Pre-Sold on
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Mieliepop Festival 2016



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