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Don’t Panic! It’s Cantrel [Interview]

Cantrel SA Music

KZN-based Cantrel releases his new single ‘Panic’

Cantrel recently released a new single called ‘Panic’. The track features local rapper Velosity and vocalist Lauren Laing. The single was mixed and mastered in Germany, and the Alternative Electronic Pop song is a powerful release from the local star and grabs the listener from the first few seconds, sure to turn them into a fan by the end of the song.

I asked the man behind the music a few questions:

Thanks for chatting to DPC! First of all, who’s the guy behind Cantrel?

Cantrel is KZN-based Songwriter, Producer and Synth player Neil Breytenbach.

What does Cantrel sound like and how is it different from any other artist?

Cantrel style is Alternative Electronic Pop. I feature different vocalists and rappers on my tracks with a twist of Awesome.

So, you recently released your new single Panic. What is it about and who worked with you on it?

The Single Panic is about the everyday Anxiety & Panic we face in the music industry & Life today (in the verses) and the Choruses paints more of a happy uplifting feeling taking you away from too much ‘Panic’ and makes you feel good and happy.

Awesome! So, who do you make music for – Who listens to Cantrel?

With the fusion of Alternative Pop, Electronic & Hip Hop, Cantrel caters for a broader spectrum of musical ears. So it’s not pigeon holed into one distinctive sound but rather a sound of his own.

As someone who’s been in the industry for quite some time, how is the SA music scene currently doing? Is it growing/changing in a good way or not really?

The Music industry in SA is booming with great musical talent. We do however need more venues to perform at and the Locals have to start supporting these local talents allot more to keep this industry moving on up.

Can we expect a full album soon?

Cantrel will be releasing a full album in the near future and will keep releasing Single by Single in the meantime to keep you entertained.

And where can we see you perform live?

Cantrel will be performing Live when the Album is ready for release.

Great – Will sure keep an eye. Where can we follow you online?

Facebook: here
Twitter: here
Instagram: here
Web: here

And where can we listen to your music online, and/or buy it?

You can purchase Cantrel’s single ‘Panic’ on iTunes or you can take a listen to Cantrel on Sound Cloud.

iTunes: here




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