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Nomadic Orchestra

Mieliepop Music Festival is back in 2016! A 3-day camping experience with 50+ live acts on 3 stages at a 1 of a kind venue with food stalls, hot showers and lots of additional outdoor activities. Have your tickets yet?

When you think Mieliepop, think: Great music talent, gorgeous rivers, rolling fields, squeaky clean infrastructure and incredible entertainment. Crystal clear waters, green hills, lilies and magical caves set the scene for our 3 music stages, surrounded by a massive lake and pools to keep you refreshed and energised all day long.

The line-up is incredible! I caught up with Nomadic Orchestra – also on the list – to chat about Mieliepop and everything else.

Welcome to 2016 – anything exciting happened yet?

We’ve just finished recording and mixing our second studio album called “Love at Last.” We put in a lot of time and are sure it’s gonna be a good listen.

Who’s the people behind Nomadic Orchestra?

Greg Abrahams – Guitar: Married to the lovely Jessica Abrahams! Writes, produces and records music for film at “Sound Foundry.”
Joseph Bolton – Tuba: After finishing two university qualifications in music composition and performance, Joe is now in his second year of Actuarial Science at UCT.
Marlon Witbooi – drums: He’s the drummer in the television show, “The Voice.”
Jonathan Prest – trumpet: He’s only twenty years old, a burning trumpeter, hard worker and not to miss, a super sweet guy.
Gabriel du Toit – saxophone and lead vocals: He has recently found his love for rapping. Check out the new album when we launch!

So, what’s up for the new year? What’s your plans – touring, new music maybe, etc.?

Some new music videos for our new album. Another tour to Europe (if the rand gives us a break). Playing in Swaziland!

Your music is uniquely composed and performed by the band, tell us about the process of creating it?

This is never the same…. The main idea usually comes from one of us, mostly Greg and Joe. Then, in a very slow and painful democratic process, we re-work and arrange the song till we feel it’s the best it can be. We usually fight a lot near the end, but it seems a worthwhile process.

Did everyone study music, or is it all just passion and talent?

We all have passion and talent in heaps I assure you, but we also studied super hard! We all met while studying music at UCT. Some classical, some jazz, some performance and some composition.

How many instruments do you guys play through one set? Care to name them?

Trumpet Tuba
Vocal chords

You were behind the #FindTheNomadsCampaign. What was that all about? Did it work with the SA crowds? Can we expect something like that again?

In March 2014 we played 10 secret shows in 10 slightly obscure places. 7am next to the Paradise Motors interchange on the M3 at peek traffic, on a “Jammie shuttle” around UCT campus, 3am at an “Engen one stop” near Long street and so on. It seemed to have worked. People are still asking about it in 2016…

“…we’re total Mieliepop virgins…”
You will be at Mieliepop this year. First time?

Ya, we’re total Mieliepop virgins, so go easy on us.

What can people expect of your set at the festival – any new stuff, a couple of surprises?

We’ll be bringing some freshness, but you’ll see. No need to seem like a brag before hand.

Anyone on the line up you’re really excited to see?

Ahhhh so many. BCUC, Grassy Spark, Tidal Waves… all of them!!! it’s gonna rock. STOKED!

First 3 things you pack when going to a festival?

Sax, set lists and Nomadic Orchestra albums.

What do you guys do together when you’re not making music? 

Go out, stay in, band brunch and much laughing.

Awesome! See you at Mieliepop! 


Date: 18 – 21 March 2016
Venue: Tolderia Farm, Lothair
Tickets: R550 Pre-Sold on http://www.mieliepopfestival.co.za
Facebook Event: http://tinyurl.com/ncfvu8z
Website: http://www.mieliepopfestival.co.za

Photos by Johannes Stock and Henry Engelbrecht.


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