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DPC Chats to The Graeme Watkins Project

Graeme Watkins

The Graeme Watkins Project

Guess who’s back on the SA music scene?

The Graeme Watkins Project recently released a new single, Love In Abundance, which has been doing really well so far. Dirty Pink City caught up with the band to find out what they are busy with now and what we can expect from them in the future.


Hi! Thanks for chatting to DPC! Congrats on the new single, it’s doing really well!

Thanks so much.

For those who have not heard it before, what’s the theme of the track and who wrote it?

I suppose the theme of the track is feel good. there is so much negative stuff going on at the moment, we just wanted a song that allows people to escape. Where they can zone out, feel happy and be reminded to love.. abundantly.

I came up with the melody one night, and worked throughout the night on it, I called the guys up once I had an idea of what type of song it was looking like, and we developed it together from there. We usually come to rehearsals with an idea or inspiration that has moved us and a song takes shape from there.

So, tell me a bit about shooting that amazing video?

It was amazing! Chaos … but amazing. Rick is just a visual mastermind, and from the pitch, to the execution, it was such an awesome concept to watch develop and unfold. The dirtiness of the powder was intense, but after seeing the finished product, it was so worth it.

That’s awesome! And how different is Love In Abundance from your previous work?

It’s taken us back to our roots. New writing styles, new developments in the music industry, we are just going at our own comfortable pace. It is a very uplifting song which represents our new dedication to our own style of making music.

Why the long break before making new music?

We’ve adopted a less pressured environment of writing, by deciding not to put a deadline on our album. With Corridors of The mind it was written in a year, when we were all living together and close by, and we were free to work throughout the nights and put hundreds of hours into making sure we were 100% happy. With Soldier on, we were busy touring, and half of us were getting married and having kids. We were exhausted and put a lot of pressure to work towards a deadline. Although we love Soldier On and are very proud of it, we were exhausted, and the pressure we put on ourselves and each other was a mood killer. Its not like we were fighting or anything, but we needed to just recoup and get on the same page creatively again. We decided to not let ourselves get into that situation ever again.

Graeme Watkins

So, what else are the four of you busy with for the rest of the year?

Ryno is getting married in August and, from then on, we are putting together a tour for spring! Its going to be awesome! We all can’t wait.

Sounds good! Where can we catch your next gig/s?

Check out our Facebook page.

Where can we follow you online:

Facebook: /thegraemewatkinsproject

Twitter: @grawatproject

Instagram: @grawatproject

Where can we listen to your music online, and/or buy it?

iTunes and Google Play.

Thanks and all the luck with the rest of 2016!

You too! Thanks so much.



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