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Gangs Of Ballet Catch Up! [Interview]

Gangs of Ballet

Form & Function Part 2

"It's amazing how you change in a year..."

Durban band, Gangs of Ballet, released their brand new EP, Form & Function Part 2, in October this year. Dirty Pink City caught up with vocalist Brad Klynsmith to talk a little bit about it:

Hey bard! How have you all been doing? And how has 2016 been treating the band?

Hey! Can’t believe how quickly the year has gone, been fun.

Awesome! So, first of all, I have to ask, how was it opening for Of Monsters and Men this year?

Yeah what a treat! Really well organised event and a spectacular venue in Kirstenbosch Gardens. Always amazing to see behind the scenes of an international set up.

It was a great show! You just released Form & Function, Part 2, Congrats! Tell us about Part 1 (released last year) – How has it been doing and why two parts?

We’re really stoked with how Part 1 went, the plan was to break the album up so that we as a band could find ourselves a bit after of bass player H left. So instead of the pressure of a full length, we committed to smaller projects.

How is Part 2 different from Part 1, if at all?

It’s amazing how you change in a year, it’s pretty evident when you play the two parts back to back. You can hear how time settles us in our playing in Part 2 and the whole EP sounds lighter.

Why the title, Form & Function?

It’s based off the Bauhaus movement and it was where the stripped things back down to their form and function and reimagined. That’s where we were and to some degree still are so it seemed really appropriate.

Gangs of Ballet

You’ve won quite a few awards through the years, so when you write new material, do you write for the listener, or do you stick purely to what you, as a band, want to do?

That’s a really tricky line to walk to be honest because you need to sell music to live but it’s tough to not sell your soul in the process and you’re making music that you hate playing. I think true art connects with people when it’s most honest so we really have to try and remember that and not get stuck in the ever present trap of making music only for others.

Will there be a launch, maybe a tour to promote the new EP?

Yeah please come and enjoy the new tunes live, follow us @gangsofballet on all social media platforms for dates and venues.

Great! So, will there be a Part 3?

I recon so;)

Where can we get our hands on the new EP?

iTunes is live now with all our music so don’t stop at just the latest EP!

Thanks and all the best!

Images: Craig Scott

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