Gerald Clark 2016

Gerald Clark Chats To DPC

Gerald Clark 2016

AfroBoer & The GoldenGoose

Wonder boy, Gerald Clark, released a brand new album, AfroBoer & The GoldenGoose, at the end of 2015. He also recently rooted up everything and took to the road – This whole year he has been travelling inbetween shows with his bakkie and tent, to see where the road leads him (with a special person by his side). DPC caught up with the man behind the music to chat a bit:

Hi Gerald, thanks for chatting to DPC! You recently released a new album, AfroBoer & The GoldenGoose (we love the name!). Tell us all about it. How is it different from your previous albums, and who worked with you on the album?

Glad you like it! It’s named after a theme/song on the album. It tells the story about how I met the GoldenGoose, Melissa Fontini, at Oppikoppi 2014. My most honest love song ever and it runs according to the jump blues lines. Double whammy!

Each album of any artist will be different due to a few factors. Personal growth, maturity, better skills and new themes and budget.
But yes, this album is different from the others because we recorded in an old farmhouse in Wellington and I contracted some of the best musos around to record a kind of live feeling album. The amps were vintage and the songs contains the backbone of what I’ve learnt from the blues. But each song ventures into unknown territory as far as experimenting and post-production goes. And there is two drummers playing together on some tracks, something that we are planning for my show at Oppikoppi 2016.

Did you write all the songs on AfroBoer & The GoldenGoose yourself, and are there any continuous themes running through the album?

Yes, all the songs were written and composed by myself except for track 10 and 14. There definitely is continuous themes yes. Letting go of the past, forgiveness, moving on and hope is probably a few.

You spent a long time on the album, tell us about the journey. Any specific experiences that inspired a song, the sound or its lyrics? 

I wrote the songs over a period of about two years. Some came easy, some not so easy. It takes time for some of them to gather momentum and reveal the initial idea, lyrically and musically. Landlord Blues was inspired by the way my sister’s landlord treated her and I just developed the lyrics from there, and obviously the one about the GoldenGoose;)

Track 9 was also inspired by a friend that went to Thailand to get away from what was comfortable and known in search of new experiences and newfound truth ect.

Gerald Clark 2016
How has the album been doing so far? Can we expect a few new music videos and perhaps a local (or international) tour/s?

It’s been selling very well at shows as well as iTunes and the feedback from fans about the album has been great!! Some influential figures has also made contact to let me know about their feeling regarding the album. Arno Carstens phoned me one morning as I was driving home from Up The Creek fest telling me how much he likes the album. I was very stoked needless to say!

The music video for track 4 called ‘Fire’ is in post production and we hope to release it by end of June. Maybe even middle June. It features a great vocalist called Ongx Mona.

I’m booked to play a 17 show tour in Czech Republic as well as a few shows in Belgium from middle November until middle December. I’m also looking into a 3 month tour through the south of USA next year, but thats still in the planning phase. We are trying to combine it with some adventuring like we are doing here in SA this year.

So, I heard you and your lady rooted up everything and decided to take a long roadtrip (if we may call it that) this year. Where have you been so far, where are you going, and what is the trip all about?

We gave up our stable (we lived in old renovated horse stables) in the most beautiful part of Stellenbosch right there in the Jonkershoek mountains, gave away and stashed most of our belongings and now live on the road and where ever we find a scenic or interesting place. South Africa has loads!!!

As I’m replying to your questions I’m sitting here at a backpackers in Port Edward on the south coast of Natal overlooking the ocean. We just got back from STRAB fest in Mozambique and Bushfire fest in Swaziland and travelling back along the coast surfing and mountain biking around.

The motivation behind all of this is to, while performing and traveling the country, we spend time at these amazing places, that we travel through and take our time doing it.

Who or what are your main inspiration/s, not only in your music, but life in general?

I meet loads of people all the time and I try to learn something from each of them with every interaction but spending some time alone and in nature helps me cope with this complicated world we live in now. I take my time and try spend some time alone now and again so that it infiltrates me and then help me process the interaction I have with people when I’m back in society. So I guess nature and solidarity inspires me.

How difficult is it making a name for yourself in the SA music scene these days?

There are great new acts surfacing every year, great new albums coming out with groundbreaking live shows, so yes it’s definitely becoming more difficult to become known, but it also pushes boundaries and the music is getting better than ever. That’s great for our country. But I believe there is a place in the sun for anyone that is true to his art and believes in his/her product.

What is your personal favourite song on the new album? 

Track 2, 4 and 6.

Finally, what’s behind the name – AfroBoer & The GoldenGoose? We know you are the AfroBoer, but who’s the goose?

Melissa Fontini. I named the album after our Afrikaans Funk DJ outfit.

Gerald Clark 2016
 Photos by Henry Engelbrecht


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