Colour powder and dancing

The Graeme Watkins Project’s New Video!

Graeme Watkins

New Single – Love In Abundance

Passion, magic and love are a few words that come to mind when watching the video of the new single, Love in Abundance, released today.

Colour powder and dancing

The new video from The Graeme Watkins Project is a sublime feast for the eyes; a charming 3:46 minutes of colour, insane dancing, beautiful people and some catchy beats from Graeme and the band.

Directed by Rick Joaquim, the video is spectacularly shot showing the effects of colour powder being used while dancing, turning, jumping and the band playing their instruments – The end product is a whirlwind of colour-magic to symbolise the title Love in Abundance.


The song, itself, is incredibly radio-friendly and well-produced – One that has the ability to take The Graeme Watkins Project to new heights this year. It has elements of that sound – mixing electro, indie and rock – we were so used to a few years ago when the guys were making waves all over SA with their music.

There is no doubt that we will hear this one quite often!

Welcome back and well done guys!

Watch the video here:



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