Iron Maiden Live Tour

Iron Maiden Live in Cape Town [Review]

The Book of Souls World Tour Review

Iron Maiden Live Tour
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If you live in Cape Town, you probably heard a thunderous sound of a jet circling over Table Mountain on Thursday. That was none other than the very skilled and talented Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden acting as pilot on their Boeing 747 ‘Ed Force One’, that carries +/- 100 crew members and around 20 tons of equipment for their set, ensuring that Cape Town (and later Joburg) got to see a once-in-a-lifetime show.

Book of souls live tour
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Grand West has probably never seen so many heavy metal lovers all at once. The passages, smoking areas and bars were packed to the brim with people wearing black on black on black. Iron Maiden’s The Book of Souls World Tour attracted fans old and young in Cape Town to a sold out Grand Arena.

In promotion of their latest album, released through Parlophone Records, the band travels to 35 countries in their own boeing and, 21 years later, Iron Maiden has graced our shores once again as part of this tour!

The main opening band on the entire tour, The Raven Age, is the band of talented George Harris, son of Iron Maiden’s legendary Steve Harris. The RavenAge is loud and solid like you can only imagine from a Maiden boy, and is the ideal opening act to Iron Maiden and were received very well by the Cape Town crowd waiting for the epic main act.

Raven Age
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After an intro unlike ever seen before, complete with extraordinary visuals, lighting and thunderous sound, Maiden finally blasted on the stage, with Bruce Dickinson standing at the top of the spectacular set. The crowd cheered in awe.

The thing with ageing musicians is that you sometimes expect them to somewhat slow down somewhere during their career, but not Iron Maiden. The band has an enormous amount of energy, running all over the massive set, resembling an ancient Mayan temple. Janick Gers played his guitar like the virtuoso that he is, while Bruce showed his vocal skills and agility all over the stage – Often changing his outfit to fit the next song much to the delight of the crowd. At the back of the stage, an extra large screen depicted the changing themes accordingly. An enormous Eddie the Head, and other massive visuals made the scene complete…in motion and all!

Iron Maiden Cape Town Review
By Big Concerts

The crowd was made up out of all ages – From a 10 year old on her daddy’s shoulders banging her head to the music, to 70-something men with ponytails and Iron Maiden shirts. A true metal fest.

To the back of the Arena, the crowd was mainly calm, looking quite fascinated and almost overwhelmed by the show, but mosh pits popped up everywhere and, joining one, you could experience the show in real ‘Maiden’ way. There was definitely no lack of audience reaction (and participation!) and the venue rumbled with the Mother City screaming for the band, while the Brits in turn gave everyone what they were looking for – A showcase of pure Iron Maiden! Every time Bruce yelled “Cape Town!”, the crowd would respond with powerful applause and cheer. A three-song-encore ended the crazy set while some of the fans still stayed in the hopes of one last song from the band.

Iron Maiden
By Big Concerts

On our way out, the crowds spontaneously erupted in either a Maiden song, or chanting “Iron Maiden” every now and then. The perfect way to end the night….

Definitely 10/10!
A massive thanks to Big Concerts for bringing them! Thank you, thank you!


Want to see how Iron Maiden and crew build the stage set?

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