Janice, singer jimmy nevis

Janice Releases New Single [Interview]

Janice, singer jimmy nevis

Janice Releases Now Or Never ft Ason

Cape Town-based Janice is a vivacious singer-songwriter who just released her brand new single, Now or Never! I caught up with her to talk about the single and a few other things:

Hey Janice! Thanks for chatting to DPC – Please can you share with my readers a bit about yourself – Where you are from, what your music sounds like, etc.?

I’m a singer-songwriter from Cape town, South Africa. Born and raised in Athlone. I used to be a backing vocalist for Loyiso Bala and many more but most know me as the BV for Jimmy Nevis. I love black and I’m pretty sure I have glitter in my veins, hahaha.

My sound consists of pop productions with a mix of rnb vocals . Smart lyrics and a real life story. That will hopefully change someone’s life.

Awesome! You are signed with Rude World Records, how is it working with them?

It’s great! They are an independent label. Which means you are able to have full control of your career with their support.They also allow you to be the artist you envisioned for yourself. Which is amazing!

You’ve toured with Jimmy Nevis, how was that, and are there any other artists you would really like to share the stage with?

It’s a lot of fun. But loads of hard work, long hours and no sleep. If his up working, you are up working trying to figure out ways of making the show better or changing set lists, etc. And because we were friends before I did BVs, I would often just hang out in studio with him or do writing sessions, and that normally ends at 5 am in the morning after a long day of gigs and appearances.

I would love to share the stage with:
Locally: AKA – I’m loving his latest stuff.
Internationally: I think Adele and I would kill a duet together

Great! So, you just released a brand new single – What’s it about and who worked with you on it?

Now or Never is about being given an ultimatum. This person is saying that they know you are trying, but you need to be more clear about how you feel or they are moving forward without you.

My producers Ben Brukman and Cosher worked on this one again. They just get me and my vision.

Can we expect a music video for the single soon?

Yes definitely.

Where can we follow you?
Facebook: Janice
Twitter: @janicenow
Instagram: @janicenow

Where can we listen to your music?

Itunes , soundcloud, apple music, youtube

Awesome, thank you!

Image: Stephanie Papini

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