Make Overs Interview

Make-Overs for Park Acoustics [Interview]

Make Overs Interview

Last Park Acoustics for 2016

The last Park Acoustics for 2016 is this weekend and the line up is insane! I mean, you just can’t afford to miss it! With music that will blow your mind and a comedy line up that can only be described as top-class, you better get your tickets NOW!

I caught up with Make-Overs, who is on the line up, to talk about the event:

Hey guys! Thanks for the chance to chat! Who is the Make-Overs? Where are you from and what kind of music do you make?

Make-Overs is a two-piece band from Kilnerpark Pretoria, consisting of Martinique on drums/vocals and Andreas on guitar/vocals. Make-Overs play underground pop music with influence varying from noise music to soul delivered with a style unique to the band.

Great! So, what have you guys been up to this year? Any new projects you worked on, or any shows that stood out?

This year was all about recording, we had to finish our ninth album “Try Me” for a Columbus-based USA label called Heel Turn Records, the 12” will be out this December in the USA and hopefully we will have some copies available in SA next year. We also decided to finish recording our tenth album, which we are currently finalising for the end of the year. Show wise we are super excited because at the end of this month, from Nov 30 to Dec 11 we’ll be touring Reunion Islands (our third visit to this lovely neighbouring French Island).

Oh wow, busy! So, now on to the event, will this be your first time performing at Park Acoustics? What can we expect from your set?

Yes, this will be our first Park Acoustics show! We have somehow been kind of absent from the Pretoria live scene for the last three years due to international tours.

As far as what to expect…our shows are unplanned with no set list and we have over a hundred released songs to randomly pick from. We have recently added some synthesizers to our otherwise more traditional set-up of drums, guitar and vocals.

What time can we catch you?

Night time is the right time – we’ll be on the BOBBEJAAN STREET THEATRE stage at 9 pm

Who else is on the line up?

There are 5 different stages that day, the first act on the Bobbejaan Street Theatre stage starts at 5pm, I saw at least 5 acts on just that one stage, I know Black Math is on there for sure.
Make Overs Interview
What makes Park Acoustics special?

Well this is our first so that makes it special for us.

This is the last PA for the year; please send a shout out to your fans for why they cannot miss THIS one!

It’s also the last Make-Overs show in PTA before we head out on tour to Reunion Islands in December! So we are celebrating and would love to see all our fans there celebrating with us, 2016 was a tough year, all the more reason to end it on a high note!

Awesome! Thanks and see you there!



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