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Mark Stent x Rouge Releases Takeover

Mark Stent Music

Mark Stent x Rouge

The David Gresham Entertainment Group is proud to announce that South African EDM hit maker DJ Mark Stent & Hip Hop chart topper Rouge have collaborated to perform & produce the summer smash hit single “Takeover”. Today is the release, and DPC caught up with Mark to chat about the track and a few other things:

Hi Mark, thanks for chatting to DPC! Looking forward to the release of the new track, Takeover – Can you tell me about your newest hit?

Well it not a hit yet, but we hope it will be! It’s something different for both me and Rouge, kind of a hybrid between house, rap and pianos. Rouge of course brings it to life with her amazing vocals. I’m so, so proud of this one.

You collaborated with rapper Rouge on this, how was it working together?

She is incredible. So talented and energetic. Her whole attitude to her career is inspirational. She is so much fun and really has made this project such a pleasure to work on. As a result I’m a huge Rouge fan!

Why did you decide to mix EDM with Hip Hop? Do the two genres complement each other easily, or does it take a lot of effort to make it work?

It actually wasn’t planned. I was making a more kwaito/deep sound, just experimenting, when Andrew (From David Gresham), suggested I work with her. So I sent her the track and she came back with a rough voice note and immediately I knew we had something special.

Mark Stent Music

When and how did you get into making music?

Making music was the logical progression for me as a professional DJ. I wanted to have more exclusive stuff to play in my sets and as time has gone on I’ve grown to love it as an extension of my soul and creative expression.

What goes into the “making” of a chart-topping hit?

Well I’m not expert in ‘chart topping’, but I’ve had some success and in my mind it boils down to three things: melody, vocal and emotion stirred from the track. So usually i create the whole song and make it catchy without a vocal first and then i look for amazing vocalists to give it the cherry on the top.

I have to ask, why do they call you the world’s “strongest DJ”?

Hahahah…I knew that was coming. Years ago I was a professional bodybuilder and one of my best friend’s sister started a Facebook group as a joke called “Mark Stent – Worlds strongest DJ”, and I guess it just stuck. It does suck on some levels because I have every bodybuilder in the world challenging me to a bench press competition!

Where are you performing this summer?

I’ll be all over the place! Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Cape Town, Durban, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth and a bunch of Joburg Venues too.

Where can we listen to your music online, and/or buy it?

Best place is to go to iTunes. I do put some stuff up on my Soundcloud account. If you go to my site ( there is some stuff there and even a free track download if you subscribe to my newsletter.

Thanks and all the best with the release!

Thank you so much for talking to me and your interest in my music.

Listen now:

Images: Credit Yeshiel Photography



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