Medicine boy 2016

Medicine Boy [Interview]

Kinda Like Electricity

Medicine boy 2016

Today marks the official release of Medicine Boy’s Kinda Like Electricity. Made up of Cape Town-based Andre Leo and Lucy Kruger, the album is their first full-length offering. Medicine Boy was established in 2014 and has since performed at every big festival and event across South Africa. Their dreamy, intimate live performances have been named one of the most unique and remarkable in South Africa. The album is now available on ITunes.

I caught up with Lucy to talk music and their plans for the rest of 2016.

Medicine boy 2016

So, it’s already August – time flies! – But how has 2016 been for you this far?

It’s been a wonderful year so far.

It’s the first time we’ve been able to really take our time with making an album and it’s been a very rewarding (and sometimes challenging) experience.We’ve worked with some really amazing people on things that we care very deeply about.

You are releasing your debut LP today – Kinda Like Electricity. Are there any prominent themes in there? How do you feel about your debut offering?

It’s an honest album – which I think is very valuable and is the thing that excites me the most about it.

We didn’t go in to write an album about something in particular – but because it was written over a relatively short period of time, themes emerged quite naturally.

It’s quite human – a kind of twisted and tender rite of passage/coming of age.

The first single, E.V.I.L, was just released with a music video. How are people
reacting to it?

People seem to be enjoying it. I think Mark Leonard did an amazing job with the video. We were very lucky to have worked with him and a wonderful team of people.

Medicine boy 2016

Is there a story behind the song? And the video was shot in a bar in Long Street – Does this specific venue mean anything to you guys?

The video is about lovers who have lost their way and are trying to find some sort of salvation – or at the least the chance to feel something.

The venue just had the right feel to it. Quite surreal. When you step into you feel as though it might be anywhere in the world at any time of the day. It has its own set of rules.

Who writes the songs? And what inspires you to?

We both write the songs – and they come from all sorts of spaces. Generally one of us comes forward with something – a melody or a guitar line – and the other one responds. There is really no set way.

Anything could inspire a song. I think it’s largely our way of processing and expressing things as well as simply a way of exploring the sounds that we love and that make us feel something.

Besides other bands and artists, what motivates you to make music?

I think it’s the way we make sense of things – the good, the bad and often the confusing.

Where is your next gig?

We’re going to be at Bohemia in Stellenbosch on the 25th of this month.

On the 2nd of September we’ll be doing a stripped down set at The Alma Cafe and then a final show at The House of Machines on the 3rd of September before heading off for a little while.

We’ll make sure to play some shows up North when we get back from Europe.

Where can we follow you online:






Thanks and see you around!


More about the album


Vinyl available through Roastin’ Records & Permanent Record



Written, performed & produced by Andre Leo & Lucy Kruger

Recorded & mixed by Dave Langeman

Mastered by Johnny Tex

All drums performed by Werner Von Waltsleben at Digital Forest Studio, engineered by Dave Langeman & Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen.
Violin on ‘Lashes’ & ‘Anything’ by Hezron Chetty
Lap Steel on ‘Lucy’ & ‘Blue’ by Brandon Visser
Backing vocals on ‘E.V.I.L’ & ‘Lucy’ by Bryony Kruger & Roxy Caroline
Backing vocals on ‘Eyes’, ‘Animal’ & ‘Lashes’ by Bryony Kruger


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