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ROXPHERE [Interview]

Roxphere band

Releases debut single, Good Enough.

ROXPHERE, an ‘energetic indie pop/rock blend with a mix of R&B twin brother-duo from Pretoria’, is releasing their debut single through The David Gresham Record today. The single, entitled GOOD ENOUGH, was written in March 2016 and the duo names personal experience and emotions as their source of inspiration.

“The song is close to our hearts as, it expresses our true sound and message. It is about the personal growth of one’s self, be it for our creator, our loved ones or simply in whichever way one wants to interpret it.” says Roxphere.

Roxphere further describes the song as a powerful message intertwined with harmonies and a rhythmic beat, while creating a space for you to express yourself and groove to it. With their positive and energetic attitude, Roxphere are fast becoming a crowd favorite among the youth with their unique and interesting performances. They describe GOOD ENOUGH as the stepping stone of their journey into their first album. They are currently working on creating more of their original productions to share with the world. DPC caught up with them for a quick chat:

Hi guys, thanks for chatting to DPC! 

Hi DPC, Thank you for having us.

So, who are the guys behind Roxphere? 

Roxphere consists of duo brother’s Rikus & Gihan.  We are an upbeat indie-rock/pop/RnB styled duo looking to bring the party to you. We aim to share good vibes with great people and build a platform in which we all can relate and dance to.

You are releasing your debut single soon. What’s it called and what can people expect?

“Good Enough” is the first part of the album where we will take you and ourselves through a journey of self discovery and creation! It is the simplicity of being good enough in which ever way you desire.

What does Roxphere mean to you guys?

Roxphere is a constant changing universe in which ever way you can relate to it.

Constantly looking to inspire change and creating vibes to bring people together.

What are your main inspiration when writing songs?

Our main inspiration comes from Love, life & personal experiences. When you express a song it must be a reflection of who you truly are. we’d say a part of your soul & emotion goes into the art you create, Allowing you to have a deeper connection performing it live.

Where can we follow you online:


Twitter: @roxphere

Instagram: @roxphere


Where can we listen to your music online, and/or buy it?

Our single will be available for purchase at iTunes, Deezer Music and other online distributors. We have some EP’s you can listen to by following our social media pages. but the first official installment will be “Good Enough” which drops on 13.5.2016.

Thanks guys!


Listen here: ITUNES



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