Scott Stapp Live in Cape Town [Review]

Scott Stapp Live

As I drove around Cape Town at the beginning of December, I saw a very interesting poster on some of the lamp posts: Scott Stapp – The Voice of Creed live in Cape Town. Creed is the band that brought us songs like ‘With Arms Wide Open’ and ‘My Sacrifice’ when I was literally not even a teenager yet. They were not Korn, but at the time they were hardcore enough to play at semi-innocent, pre-teen house parties and sleepovers. Although I had no real urge to see the vocalist perform a solo show, I was kind of intrigued to hear him sing a few Creed songs (I mean, we all know the words by heart, don’t we?).

Van Coke Kartel was chosen as the opening act. I thought it to be kind of an awkward choice, but of course I will never say no to a show by the Afrikaans rockers. We arrived at the amazingly beautiful Kirstenbosch just as they were about to sing their first song. The crowd seemed a bit confused, staying statically on their picnic blankets not too familiar with the songs. And of course Van Coke needs a wild crowd to show their full potential but, nonetheless, their performance was as good as ever.

The weather looked somewhat dreadful, and just after the boys of Van Coke left the stage, it started to drizzle. It didn’t stop the crowd, though. Scott and his band walked out onto the stage to much cheer from the mostly 30+ audience (yeah we were probably the youngest there).

I didn’t know any of his “new”, solo songs, but as Scott worked through his set, it kind of grew on me. I was impressed by the power of his voice and his band’s ability to fully back him with an enticing and energetic performance.

“Arms Wide Open” was obviously a clear crowd favorite. The crowd sang along in unity, as if we were all in school again. “Higher” took the night to another level, and everyone had that all-knowing smile on their faces, as to say: I know you know how I felt about this song years ago.

The band left the stage leaving the crowd wanting an encore and as they chanted “we want more”, Scott and the band returned to the stage. The crowd was of course demanding “One Last Breath” and “My Sacrifice”. The band gave the fans what they wanted, and ended of the night with an extraordinary performance of the two songs.

I was mighty impressed and very glad that I went to experience “The Voice of Creed”. Thank you to BreakOut Agency for inviting DPC and bringing Scott and his band to SA! 



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