Introducing Slow Jack

Slow Jack Band Premiere

Two weeks ago I was introduced to a brand new 5-piece band from Cape Town. Ah, new music from the Mother City, I thought, always curious and interested when new bands enter the “scene”. Slow Jack’s “band premiere” was held at the intriguingly beautiful Roodebloem Studios. We were welcomed with a delicious cocktail and hanged on the stairs of the old church with fellow media and industry individuals.

Slow Jack is an ensemble of some very talented musicians from Cape Town. The band members are Hannes Muller (guitar and vocals), Jayme van Tonder (violin and vocals), Jeandre Schultz (lead guitar and vocals), Andre van der Merwe (bassist) and Adrian Fowler (drums).

Just before they graced the stage I stood at the back, hardly being able to see with no idea what to expect. Though, a few notes into their first song, I had to find a spot to see better. They’re loud and solid and as comfortable with each other on stage as any veteran band. Jayme leads with her powerful voice, the rest of the band supporting her every note. Their music is a mix of pop and rock with some mysterious undertones. I like it a lot.

The band took the crowd through a musical journey for the next 25 minutes — From a heavy, darker song to an almost folky tune. The band has an abundance of chemistry onstage, and the five musicians showcase their talent through it.

They are new and fresh on the music scene (and anything but slow, as their name suggests!), so go check them out.

Slow Jack, you guys gained a whole lot of new fans with your first performance, including myself!

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