Trash Cabaret

Trash Cabaret

Trash Cabaret


“A collaboration begun, born from the heart of a playful nun, We created a show, and little did we know, what that show may become!”

Trash Cabaret is a multi-cultural circus cabaret extravaganza. Featuring artists and performers from around the world, Trash Cabaret is a circus like no other. An underground gypsy contingent comprised of various performance groups – burlesque dancers, acrobats, jugglers, aerial artists, roaming characters, dancers of body and fire, and a full brass band to accompany the show. Taking the night out into a glorious party of carnival chaos! Guest bands include The Nomadic Orchestra and performances by members of Ann Jangle and Crimson House.

Trash Cabaret begun when a French Canadian nun, spun out of her robe while guiding an egg from her head to her toe, once she held it there she kicked the egg into the air, caught in her mouth, and swallowed it down whole! This was her act, and in fact, what an act it was! Everywhere she did the act, it was met with great applause! She had many talented friends, who also loved to play. She invited them all to attend, with shows of their own to portray!

So run away to the circus on the 14 th of May; dress as your favorite character for Trash Cabaret. Well, you could also just bring a mask, if not, anything you desire! Come dressed as a clown or bicycle tyre. Join us and follow the marching band – and be part of a whimsical night with performances by various groups and artists including Psychedelic Theatre, Sky Dance Studio, Leo Letsape aka Mr.Letsparty, ActionArte, Cami Scoundrel and Black Orchid Burlesque.

At Hillcrest Quarry, Durbanville

Doors open 4pm
Activities start 6pm and at 8pm the main show starts.
General enquiries:
Tickets: R120 at or R150 at the Door.



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