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TRESOR – Never Let Me Go [Interview]

SAMA award-winning artist, TRESOR, has just received his second number 1 selling Dance song in Italy iTunes.

tresor artist

TRESOR’s Never Let Me Go follows his number 1 selling Dance song in Italy iTunes for debut single Mount Everest. TRESOR is the only African-based artist to not only receive a number #1 selling Dance song in Italy iTunes, but to achieve this feat twice. DPC had a quick chat with him to find out more about his music…

Hi Tresor, thanks for chatting to DPC! You just broke the records again with your second #1 selling dance song, Never Let Me Go, in Italy iTunes – Congrats! – Did you expect this single to do so well, and how does it feel?

Thank you very much. You can never predict the results but we knew we had something special. It feels incredible to achieve such a major milestone with songs from my Debut album.

Of course you are not only representing SA, but also Africa as a continent – How did you get into African pop music?

While growing as an artist in past 8 years, I discovered amazing African music from all over the continent and made a conscious decision to fuse all those sounds to create a fresh African pop Sound inspired by Africa’s greats.

What, besides other artists, inspires you to write and make music?

Everyday life and emotions we go through as humans. Joy, pain, fear, love, loss….I can be inspired by complete stranger or a close friend. I am capturer of human emotions.

Who are you currently signed with, and how is it working with a record company?

Currently Vth Season and Sony with partnerships with Time Records, Ultra Records and others internationally. It’s always complex relationship with labels but we are growing the global dream together…everyone playing their parts.

I heard that you are fluent in three different languages – Very cool! Can we look forward to singles and albums in Swahili and French too, soon?

Yes I have done many songs in Swahili and French…an album I am not sure yet! Who knows maybe one day?

How was it collaborating with Beatenberg and producing such an amazing and very popular song?

It was an incredible experience and they are a super talented group…can’t wait to do it all over again.

Any other artists you want to collaborate with soon?

Hugh Masekela, Labrinth, Mahotella Queens, Pharrel Williams….Coldplay would a dream collaboration.

Where can we follow you online?

Where can we listen to, and buy, your music on the web?

The music is available in stores throughout SA and Itunes as well as all digital platforms.

What do you have coming up for the rest of 2016?

I am excited about the new music I’ve been making and cannot wait to share it.

Thanks and have a great rest of 2016!  

Thank you! Blessings all around.




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