Why you can never sell your UTC ticket again [A Review]

Up The Creek 2016 Review

Random festivals are popping up all over South Africa. Some make it, and some not so much. Up the Creek is one of those events that has been around for many years (20 odd?). So true the words on the website “No VIP nonsense. No pretence. No cliques.”, I believe this is exactly why it has been working for so long. Up The Creek is a feast of hassle-free summer fun, a smaller event with no bullshit.

Therefore, it boggles my mind how anyone can sell their ticket. So something came up? Nope, nothing can be more important than going to Up The Creek!

Here’s why:

– It is Cape Town, it is summer and it is hot. Up The Creek has a big, wide river. There’s also a stage on the river, so all you need to do is bring your inflatables, and you can cool down the whole day long while listening to the most amazing local artists – think Mr Cat and the Jackal, Akkedis and Dave Ferguson. Plus, you don’t have to stand in those long shower queues (not that Up The Creek has any of those anyway): You can swim, and that counts as bathing, doesn’t it?

– Up The Creek has an amazing line up year after year, put together with SA’s best: Black Cat Bones, Stoker, Southern Wild, Slow Jack, Dave Ferguson, Basson Laubscher, Sannie Fox, Gerald Clark, Bye Beneco and many, many more!

– No animal hats, boet egos, bar fights or trashing of tents or property. To sum it all up: The people are amazing. They are friendly and interesting; they share their booze, and they like the same music you like (that’s big!).

– Although Up The Creek welcomes everyone (no matter your music taste, age or fashion sense), the festival does attract a different crowd – ultimately, a more laid-back crowd (not that they don’t know how to party!).

– It’s a smaller event. Which means shorter queues everywhere (if any!), a chance to get to the front of the stage at least once, and good food on the comfort of a giant poof (yeah, that’s right!). But it is also just big enough to meet new people or to get too drunk and get lost in the crowd (no one will remember in the morning, I promise!).

-You are never rushed. There are no big line up clashes, no far walks and just enough stages to spend proper time at each throughout the weekend.

Up The Creek 2016 was a special one, I just realised again why this festival has been running for so long: The people behind the scenes are incredible, they know what they are doing, and they do it very good! The river, lush grass and trees around the main stage area, the artists and the crowd just make it a festival to put on your calendar every year.

So, next time you buy a ticket, don’t even think of selling it again. JUST GO!

UTC 2016 Highlights

  • The beautiful, full river
  • The Titanic (the official UTC “cocktail”)
  • Free beer from a stranger
  • The Sedgwicks Old Brown River Stage
  • Bandolero
  • Southern Wild
  • Piet Botha
  • Jon Savage’s outfit
  • Savoury pancakes
  • Lost inflatables claimed by us
  • Two random guys entertaining us on stage in the food court
  • Friendly UTC security, staff and organisers


Well done UTC, see you next year!


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