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DPC Chats To Dan Patlansky

Dan patlansky photo

Dan To Release New Album

May 2016 sees the South African release of Dan Patlansky’s eighth studio album, entitled INTROVERTIGO. DPC caught up with him to chat music, touring and everything else.

So, last year was quite a big one for you. First of all, you toured with legendary guitarist JOE SATRIANI! Must’ve been a huge experience?

It was awesome to say the least. The most down to earth nice guy I’ve ever met. I learnt a wealth of things from Joe. Best experience I’ve ever had.

You also just came back from your Sweet Home Africa Solo Acoustic Tour, where did you go and how different was it performing solo again?

It’s always cool doing the solo thing for a while to chance it up a bit. That tour took us on a full national tour of SA.

You are about to release a new album, INTROVERTIGO. Tell us about it: Did you wrote all the songs yourself, can we expect to hear any collaborations, etc.? 

All the songs are self-written apart from 2 co-writes. First being Stop The Messin with co-writer Clint Falconer, my bass player.  Second being Heartbeat co-written by Len Muller. Really excited about this one.  So far the response has been great.

How is it working with the legendary Theo Crous (for the second time)?

It was great. 2nd time was far more stream lin d because we knew each other well and how we worked. It flew by painlessly. Theo is a damn fine producer and I would recommend him to anyone.

Which song on the new album do you feel will be the most popular?

I feel Heartbeat will. Simple to the point.  That’s always a winner.

You were named Male Artist of the Year 2015 by Blues & Soul Magazine, #4 of 10 Best Rock Guitarists In The World by Total Guitar Magazine in December 2015, as well as one of the Top 20 Blues Rock Artists by Blues Magazine. Massive accomplishments! What does all this mean for a South African artist?

It means recognition for many years of hard work. Music is a labour of love. But the awards just make all the years of hard work feel worth it.

Dan patlansky photo

Obviously there are more opportunities internationally for artists, but how difficult is it making a name for yourself in SA?

It depends what you do musically. Its the same anywhere else in the world. You need to do something that gets you noticed. Whatever that might be. Standing out is the key I reckon.

Do you think there is a bright future for upcoming artists and bands in SA?

Without a doubt. We as SA musicians just need to get out of the typical SA musician head space and make it happen for ourselves instead of waiting for other people to make it happen for you.

Do you plan on touring internationally again in the near future?

We head back to Europe for s month in May to launch the new album there.

Where can we see you perform next?

When get back from Europe mid June. We will have some SA dates on the go then.

Where can we follow you online?

And where can we listen to your music, or get our hands on the new album?

It’s being released on 6th of May worldwide on iTunes, or go to my website.

What can we expect from Dan Patlansky during the rest of 2016?

Plenty touring back and fourth between SA and Europe a good few times. Going to be pushing thus album hard for the rest of the year.

Lastly, what comes first: Musician or storyteller?


Thanks Dan! And all the luck with the new album!


Images by by Nanette Grebe.



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