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Ultimate X 2016

A weekend ago we arrived at Grand West on Saturday around 2 o’clock after a somewhat crazy Friday night. We were a bit battered, but excited to be at Ultimate X, the annual action sports fest, only to realise the finals only started at 6. We decided to kill some time hanging around the gambling paradise by having a few drinks between Wimpy and Spur – don’t judge, we knew it would be worth it.

When the time finally arrived, we entered the arena, drinks in hand to the sound of the FMX boys warming up. What a sound! One that anyone will appreciate – extreme sports lover or not.

Ultimate X 2016 was held at the Grand West Arena for the second time. The organisers went all out this year, with a setup that will make any skater or BMXer wish that the park was there for good. The park was especially more skateboard-friendly this year with the Hubba section standing out.

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Back to the FMX, the boys didn’t waste any time, with throwing in Backflips and killer Whips and other insane tricks from the get go. To experience these tricks live only confirms why the athletes have nicknames such as Sick Nick (de Wit) – you can watch it over and over on Youtube, but to see it right in front of you just shows how good these guys really are.

The first skateboard event was the Rider Cup qualifier. This event consisted out of teams of four skating for a place to win 10K between them and a spot in the Rider Cup Team Skateboarding Championship later this year. On comes team AKAM (Alan Marola, Khule Ngubane, Alan Adams and Moses Adams) who ripped the course apart just to prove why you should always put your money on these four when they team up.

During the skateboarding finals Moses again showed what he is known for: consistency and style. I think this guy can by now basically 360 Flip anything with his eyes closed – the best skater to come out of Cape Town. But it was Dlamini Dlamini that took first place with his effortless final run, and Alan Adams came in third after the semi-final against his brother. Kalvyn Macmillan was probably the biggest surprise, with two huge Transfers both backside and front side over the big quarter pipe, coming in at fourth.

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On to the the BMX finals and best trick, which stole the show this year, there’s only five words to say: Wallride to Flair Tail Whip… only kidding, but it was the first time someone landed this trick (and on SA soil!). Kenneth Tencio “pollis” landed it in the last few minutes having everyone on the edge of their seats.

Pat Casey took first place, Kenneth Tencio came in second and Kevin Peraza in third. The organisers had the best BMXers in the world at the event this year. Most of them had already won X Games gold medals. It was incredible to see how the BMX event stepped up from last year – it’s not everyday you see Double Backflips over the tabletop. Shoutout to our very own Greg Illingworth for showing that SA really can compete on an international level.

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An adrenaline-filled showcase, Ultimate X proved that they can top every year. Although there are big cash prizes to be won, one thing that really stood out again this year was to see the friendship between all the guys – they are there to enjoy the company, push each other and just have a rad time. Fuck X Games, this is brotherhood.

Once again a highlight of 2016 for Dirty Pink City!

Image by Ryan Moss

Images by Computicket and Ryan Moss.

Words by Jacques Burness.


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