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OneSight Acoustics

OneSight Acoustics Jozi

Given the success over the last 3 years, Ray-Ban will be hosting its highly anticipated music event, ‘OneSight Acoustics’ for the first time in Johannesburg.

Offering only the best in local talent like Hugh Masekela, Shortstraw and many more, The Good Luck Bar will be presenting 4 events for the series during October and November 2016.

I spoke to Tom Revington from Shortstraw to find out more about the event:

Hi, thanks for chatting to DPC again!

Hey boo, that’s all good. We missed you. How things? How the folks? Has Jonathan’s rash cleared up?

Haha all good! How’s the last couple of months been for the band? Any highlights?

Yissis. It has been lekker. We’ve been pretty busy. We were in Europe in May and we currently in Japan. We did no pants karaoke with Desmond and the Tutu’s last night… so yea that was a pretty big deal.

Shortstraw 2016

I heard you are working on a new ‘collective’ – Care to share a bit?

Yes, it’s called Them Meddling kids. We wanted to change things up a bit so instead of recording an album we go song by song and release each track separately on the first Friday of every month. Then we collaborate with designers and artists to design the art work for the track. Then we also get directors to pitch ideas for the music videos. But we’re super open to ideas so holla at us if you’re interested. Listen out on Nick Hammon’s show in the morning of the first friday of the month for more details.

Who are Those Meddling Kids?

It’s us and whoever we collaborate with. You wanna be a meddling kid? Check out the people who have meddled with us so far on our site

Will this project eventually be made into a full album? Something we can look forward to in 2017?

Yes. That’s the idea. 

Shortstraw 2016

Cool, now back to a great show coming up – On the 16th of October you will be performing at OneSight Acoustics. Sounds like a fantastic event. Who or what is OneSight?

It’s a super amazing initiative from Ray-Ban to provide sustainable access to quality vision care to those who can’t afford. They really warm our hearts. 

This is the first of four similar events, what can we expect from the first one, and who else will be performing?

It’ll be amazing. A good party for a good cause. So come be part of something special. Hugh Masekela will be a real treat. 

Do you have anything special up your sleeves for your set – Maybe some new music?

Yes! A couple newbies. excited. are you?

For sure! How can anyone support OneSight?

Come to the show. Bring your friends. Bring your mom.

Thanks and see you at the event!


About The Event

Date: Sunday, 16 October 2016
Venue: The Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg
Time: 1PM – 7PM
Entrance: R100 (R300 for all 4 shows) / Available on Webtickets HERE.



1. Join the FB event.

2. Simply tweet the following:

Hey @dirty_pink_city Please send me to OneSight Acoustics at The Good Luck Bar on 16 Oct!

3. You can also comment on FB: HERE

OneSight Acoustics is a music series brought to you by OneSight: a global public nonprofit organization which provides sustainable access to quality vision care and eye wear to those who cannot afford it or do not have access to it. Around the world, millions of people suffer from poor vision. An eye exam and a simple pair of glasses can help them reach their full potential.


OneSight South Africa: VISIT HERE



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