Durban hiking Trails

Experience Durban’s Hidden Spots

Durban secret places
Image: Africa Geographic

Secret Gems of Durban

If you’re like me, you get really excited about lesser-known or secret places when travelling. Throughout South Africa there are millions of these hidden spots where you can experience nature and go where few have gone. Durban is no different, with secret waterfalls, caves and hiking trails that will make any avid traveller excited.

If you are planning to go to Durban soon, make sure you go between March and May, as you will not only still experience good weather, but you will pay better accommodation rates and Durban itself will be less crowded.

Here’s a few places you can add to your must-see list:

The Spectacular Inanda Mountains

Durban hiking Trails
Image: Durban Green Corridor

Want the best views in Durban? This place has it! Just half an hour’s drive from Durban central, you’ll find the amazing Inanda Mountain, an area perfect for hikers, photographers and nature lovers. The area also has an exclusive lookout spot with rolling cliffs all the way down to the shores of Inanda Dam.

Inanda Mountain is also great for bird and animal watching, so be sure to take your camera and an information brochure to see which creatures roam the area.

Be warned that you might not want to leave soon!

The Magnificent Mzinyathi Falls

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Image: Kwenda Travel

The stunning Mzinyathi Falls is situated less than 20 minutes from Gateway, Durban. It’s so close, yet very few people know about these falls.

The Mzinyathi river falls down a beautiful sandstone cliff, over 100 m into the fascinating Mzinyathi gorge. These waterfalls make for amazing photos and is, of course, the perfect cooling down spot!

The Stunning Beachwood Mangroves

Durban secret places
Image: Africa Geographic

Situated close to the Durban Green Corridor GreenHub are the Beachwood Mangroves. This stunning 76-hectare reserve, located just 5 minutes from Durban’s city centre, is a National Monument and consists of a rare mangrove swamp forest and valuable estuarine habitat at the mouth of the fauna-rich Umgeni River.

The Extraordinary Rastafarian Caves

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Image: South African Tourism

The majestic Mzinyathi Gorge is home to the Rastafarian Caves – these caves belong to a group of local Rastafarians, many of which have jobs and commute back to the caves for worship and cultural activities on weekends.

The caves are made from rock found in the area and it can only be accessed using a tougher hidden path.

Durban offers a whole world of amazing, hidden spots. If you’re an avid traveller and keen to explore, add these 4 places to your list!

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