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An Interview with Felix Laband

Felix Laband

Felix Laband to Perform at Maribou State Live in South Africa

Maribou State is coming to South Africa later this year (win tickets here), and the organisers have announced that a couple of our own top local artists will perform alongside the duo. One of the local acts, which I am very excited about, is Felix Laband. Felix Laband is a “Maritzburg-born, Durban-bread and Cape Town-based” electronic music artist with a big passion for visual art. I had a quick chat with him to find out more about his current projects and his thoughts on Maribou State.

Scrolling through your Instagram profile, I can’t stop looking at all your amazing art – love your work. Just quickly, please tell me about your art style?

My art is a similar process to my music making. Essentially a collage of stolen material that I cut up, subvert, rearrange and try to create a story that is both beautiful and ugly, and speaks to people without having to read an essay explaining the work to you. I find making art a lot easier than making music, as I don’t use computers to make my art. I cut out directly from books, newspapers, porno mags, posters… and I draw and paint directly on found books, paper, etc.

That’s great. So, as a creative person, what goes into putting your music together? What are the processes of conceptualising the final product?

There are many aspects to making my music. I spend a lot of time sourcing my sample pallet. It’s very important to me to try and tell stories with my samples that are unique and culturally relevant and, most of all, challenging to society. I spend a lot of time creating melodies that I find beautiful and dark and timeless, and I spend most of my time going around in circles creating endless hours of endless versions… I suppose just making sure it’s perfect, but probably just driving myself insane.

Does your art influence your music? Or perhaps the other way around?

My art and music are pretty much the same thing, for being creative is what interests me and whatever I create comes from the same space in my head that I’m obsessed with. I often work on my various art projects while I’m making music as it keeps me sane.

And how do you ensure that you push the boundaries of electronic music, a rapidly growing genre, in South Africa?

I will always try push my own boundaries and I think that’s what keeps my art relevant. I try to always learn from those younger than me, and those older than me. I never get caught up in fashionable new music genres, just as I don’t watch fashion TV. I do however watch the news and I read a lot. This keeps me interested and aware of society and enables me to challenge it without being ignorant. A simple answer to being original is: fuck fashion!

Felix Laband

You will be performing at Maribou State’s shows? Are you fan and, if so, what is it that you like about the duo’s sound?

I like their sound… I have always been a fan of the UK garage scene, and I like their melodic sensibility. I’m excited to play this show.

And what can we look forward to from your performance? Perhaps some crazy visuals or live instruments?

You can look forward to hearing a whole bunch of new material that I’m feeling very excited about… things have been going very well for me creatively for the last while. And now, that my main computer blew up at Grietfest, I have had to start using the nice new computer I bought for my girlfriend a little while ago… which means I will be playing very much live, as this machine won’t crash on me. I will also be performing all the new video work that I have been creating over the last year; lots of really great new footage, animations and stolen content.

Awesome, looking forward! So, besides the upcoming show, what are you currently working on?

At the moment I am consolidating my new album which is very close to completion. I am also working on a new art series which is pretty crazy, and I’m also about to start putting a whole lot of energy into my online presence, as up until now I have pretty much left my career in the hands of record labels and booking agents and publishers… I realise now that I need to do this shit myself and put work into it if i want things to work out for me and if I want things to be how I want it.

Absolutely, well all the luck and thanks for the chat!


Maribou State South Africa


Date: Friday, 8 December 2017
Venue: Mercury Live, Cape Town
Entrance: R250
Time: 8PM
Bookings: http://bit.ly/2yIY8Te
Line-Up: Felix Laband, Christian Tiger School, PHFat, Akio, DJ Lag, Kidfonque, Nonku Phiri, P-Kuttah and Julian Gomes.

Date: Saturday, 9 December 2017
Venue: The Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg
Entrance: R250
Time: 8PM
Bookings: http://bit.ly/2yL3Fsv
Line-Up: Felix Laband, Christian Tiger School, PHFat, Akio, DJ Lag, Kidfonque, Nonku Phiri, P-Kuttah and Julian Gomes.


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