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An Interview with Raptors & Remnants

Raptors and Remnants

Raptors & Remnants Releases Debut Single

Creating music is about baring your soul, leaving you exposed and revealing your deepest, darkest secrets, wildest dreams and most agonising heartbreaks. For Nicolas Gonzalez, Raptors & Remnants is exactly just that – it is an outlet for him to share his stories of love, death and everything in between.

As the lead vocalist and guitarist of Johannesburg-based alternative rock band Climate Control, Gonzalez has already established himself as a noteworthy lyricist and performer in the South African alternative music scene. He is charting into different musical territories to showcase his versatility and desire to grow as a musician.

He’s just releases his debut track Serpent Sound. I caught up with the man behind the music to discuss the single, his future plans and a few other things.

Hi Nic, thanks for the chat! You are the lead vocalist and guitarist of post-hardcore band Climate Control, and your music as a solo artist is quite a big step in a different direction. Why did you decide to start this project?

Thanks for having me guys. Yeah, it is pretty different. I’ve always written my own solo material from the moment I learned to play an instrument, so this is just my avenue of releasing this material that’s more experimental, acoustic and ambient.

I can’t believe this year is almost gone! How has 2017 been for you as a solo artist? Any highlights or perhaps challenges?

Yeah, it’s alarming how fast it’s gone. I haven’t been very active on the live circuit this year with my solo material, I’ve spent a lot of it writing and finishing off song ideas, and Serpent Sound is one of those that has been sitting around unfinished for a good while before I put the finishing touches onto it this year. I think mainly this year I’ve improved at music production and hopefully at song writing. I’m excited about recording and releasing more of the material I have.

That’s great – looking forward to it! So, why did you decide to use the name Raptors & Remnants for your solo project, and not Nicolas González?

I’m not really sure, I’ve always preferred the idea of having a name for a project as opposed to just using my own name. I’m also not sure my name has the right ring to it, haha.

I’m loving the debut track, Serpent Sound, and video! Although it sounds laid-back, the lyrics are quite deep. What’s the song about? 

Thanks so much. It’s a pretty heavy track in terms of the lyrics and subject matter. Most of my writing gravitates towards those kinds of subjects because it’s what I resonate with most and what I feel I can convey best, musically. Serpent Sound is about the kind of dependence that people can develop with other people, in both healthy and unhealthy ways; that feeling of being hopeless and lost without someone, but from both the perspective of that being romantic and desirable, and also kind of toxic and dangerous in the long term.

Who created the video? It’s awesome!

That was the fantastic Brooklyn Pakathi, who plays keys/synths in Climate Control with us. I love his visual style and the way he portrays emotions visually, so I asked him if he’d be keen to work on something for the song and I’m really glad he accepted.

I’ve read that Raptors & Remnants is about the discovery and sincerity of human emotion, can you elaborate a bit on this?

I think it’s just an avenue for me to lay things bare and vent in an honest way, whatever that might be. There’s nothing as cathartic for me as just sitting down and writing a piece of music or lyrics that convey exactly what I’m going through or thinking about, and it’s a way for me to deal with the difficult stuff that life has in store, while having something creative and constructive to show for it on the other side.

Raptors and Remnants

Where can we see you perform next? And where can we follow you online?

I don’t have any live shows lined up at the moment, but I’m gonna get back into that side of things in the new year with some new material.

Online, these are my main platforms:

Facebook: Facebook

Soundcloud: Soundcloud

YouTube: YouTube

Blog: Blog

Lastly, what’s your plans for 2018 as a solo artist?

I want to release a full-length album, and play some great gigs. And hopefully people enjoy it as much as I do.

Awesome! Thanks and have a brilliant December.

Thank you, have a great one too. See you on the other side.




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