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An Interview with Jam Packed Productions

Jam Packed Productions South Africa

Jam Packed to bring Internationals to South Africa

Jam Packed Productions recently announced that they will be bringing out five international bands over the course 2018. That’s right FIVE. These bands are Hands Like Houses, Fit for a King, Secrets, Our Last Night and Dance Gavin Dance.

Jam Packed Productions is a Johannesburg-based events company specialising in live music. They were behind the sold-out Our Last Night tour in aid of Rocking for Rhinos earlier in 2017. Now, with the recent announcement, they’ve got a lot of South Africans really excited. So, I caught up with co-founder Craig Atkinson to find out more.

Hi Craig, thanks for the chat. There’s a lot of hype around your recent announcement. Just shortly, please share a little more about the exciting news?

We are grateful for the amazing response. Our campaign will keep people on their toes. So, for now all we can say is keep an eye out on our social media pages to find out dates and which band will be attending first.

The bands you are bringing to South Africa next year are: Hands Like Houses, Fit for a King, Secrets, Our Last Night and Dance Gavin Dance. How did you decide on this ‘line up’?

As a promoter it was very important to me to find artists that were amazing to watch live. I had the privilege of going to the Vans Warped Tour with Our Last Night, and used that opportunity to watch as many bands as possible and hand-pick the bands that blew me away. I want our scene to go home with an experience, not just another show.

So, what goes into booking international bands such as these?

Well, to put things in to perspective, I started negotiating with Our Last Night in 2013 about coming to South Africa. It all came together in 2017. The process is a story for another day. But now that I’ve built relationships with internationals its become much easier.

What is your personal background with events and music promotion?

I have been involved with R4R since 2012, helping out with their events in small ways. Over the years I helped more and more until I became the Johannesburg “director”. After our appalling turn out at our 2016 event I was devastated. I decided at that point that I would crush 2017 and take the risk of bringing Our Last Night over, after years of discussion. I was determined to make an impact in our animals’ lives. I reached out to like-minded people which became my R4R Johannesburg team and now pretty much the Jam Packed Productions team. It’s a fairy tale story, I know. Haahaa.

That’s awesome! So, will the bands be playing different dates, and will the shows form part of a festival/s, or just a concert event?

Our business model at the moment is not the festival route. Fans can expect something similar to the Our Last Night tour. We do have a surprise which leans more towards the festival route, however, its still in the pipeline.

Will local artists be added to the line up? If so, when will that be announced?

Local artists will be hand-picked. I am scouting at the moment. Local artists will be announced 3 months prior a tour.

Which venues will host the shows?

We will be hosting shows at multiple venues, Sundowners, Arcade Empire, Rumours Lounge, Mercury, District and The Good Luck Bar.

Jam Packed Productions South Africa

I see that, in conjunction with the announcement, you are also running a competition. Please share the details with my readers.

By Joining our mailing our mailing list we will choose a lucky winner and a friend to join their favourite band on an outing covered by JamPacked Productions.

Where can we find out more about each of these shows?  

People that have joined our mailing list will get a 72 hour head start with dates and information. All I can say for now is that our first tour will be announced real soon.

Lastly, Jam Packed managed to raise 400K for Rocking for Rhinos earlier this year. That’s incredible! Please can you tell me more about this event and if there will be another one next year?

Rocking for Rhinos is my baby and the reason I do what I do. JamPacked Productions/R4R goal for 2018 is to raise 1Million Rand.

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