Mieliepop 2017

Michael Canfield at Mieliepop 2017 [Interview]

Mieliepop 2017

Mieliepop Festival 2017 – Michael Canfield Interview

The great Mieliepop Festival is around the corner… and if you don’t have your tickets yet, you better get them fast. With the feedback year after year, this one is set to be a killer event once again.

I had a quick chat with the amazing Michael Canfield, who will also grace the stage at Mieliepop this year. Here’s what he had to say:

“…If you were walking down Bourbon Street, this is the guy who would be engaging you from the sidewalk…”

Mieliepop 2017

Hallo Michael, thanks for chatting to Dirty Pink City, what an honour! For those that haven’t seen you perform yet, what type of music do you make and how would you describe your live performances?

My one-man show is inspired by New Orleans buskers/street musicians. If you were walking down Bourbon Street, this is the guy who would be engaging you from the sidewalk.

You are an amazing musician and a great drummer, where, when and how did you learn to play the instruments that you do?

I’ve been playing drums for money for more than 50 years. I’m the fourth generation in family in the entertainment biz. My uncle started teaching me how to play the drums when I was 3 years old.

Wow – How many instruments do you play?

I play drums, sing, flail away at a baritone uke, tenor guitar and pick a little banjo.

Impressive! So, you are part of the awesome Mieliepop Festival, what can we expect from your set?

It’s my goal to lift up the people and channel energy, passion and a good time for all. I also hope that we can make the folks ‘shake a tail feather’, as they say.

Haha, sounds good! How does Mieliepop compare, or how is it different, than other festivals in South Africa?

I think Mieliepop is the prettiest setting of any of the festivals I play.  And I’m especially appreciative of their commitment to showcasing the best in local artists, both new and legacy.

Mieliepop 2017
What are a few essential items that you are taking to Mieliepop?

A great attitude and openess to adventure. Never know what’s gonna happen!

Too true. So, anyone else on the line up we shouldn’t miss?

I love BCUC, Michael Lezar and especially Gerald Clark (Especially since I’m playing with him on Saturday night!).

And, if we see you at the event, what drink can we buy you at the bar?

I’m a cheap date – Coca Cola or sparkling water will do me just fine.

Haha great! Do you have any links to your music to give us a taste of what we can expect?

Here’s a link to a new little thing from Aardklop that folks might like:

Awesome! Lastly, what is your plans for 2017?

I’m really chuffed that I’m booked to play almost all the major festivals in SA this year, as well as MTN Bushfire in Swaziland and STRAB in Mozambique.  The big news is that I’m in the midst of booking a tour to the USA for August and September.  Also should have a new live CD available by the time Mieliepop rolls around.

Thank you for the chat and see you at the event!

Mieliepop 2017



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