Mieliepop Festival

Mieliepopping in 2017


Mieliepop Festival

Mieliepop Review 2017

“Mieliepop has grown into a treasured music festival of mine for all the right reasons…” 

It was a hot Saturday as we drove to Mieliepop Festival this year. The short road trip towards Lothair, on newly built roads, had me reminiscing about all the prior popped mielies under my belt. I thought of how each year added a new experience: Making new friendships, stories and memories, as well as adding artists to my “all time favourite bands” list, while always keeping true to that chilled Mieliepop vibe!

Amazingly the setting looks better each year – Decorated with smartly recycled plastic keg stools, galactic-sized popcorn chairs, sailors, massive daisies, the greenest grass you’ll see this year and great food stands assuring that I was well fed and comfortable. Starting at the waterfall and Rave Cave, a stream flows through the entire festival. Here, the comedy barge drifts by.

If eating is important to you, read this… Mieliepop’s menu: Balkan Burgers – the one and only Siberian inspired joint. Burger Express – Legendary festival burgers. PurePop – all natural ingredient frozen fruit booze-infused pops. A marvelous vegetarian only tent come vegan mecca. Tasty paninis with the “just one more” kind of waffle sticks. Wood fired oven pizzas. Pulled pork sandwiches… I had a great time just eating at Mieliepop!

Mieliepop Festival

Between stages I was reminded why SA’s best bands are the best. Giving the fact that our younger bands will be going places if they keep blowing my hair back like they do. Mieliepop never fails to deliver on the music. Not ever.

I was a bit disappointed to have too chose between comedy on the barge, or the rest of the festival. Although, a few grassy steps to a nearby stage is a foolproof cure-all.

New additions like the Yo.Go.Flow Yoga Festival offered even more to do. I have not seen happier frolicking yogis than the folks camping lakeside in the arms of pine trees.

As the weather slowly turned colder, so did the coffee queue grew longer (I have long wanted mass produced coffee stalls at fests). I was also a bit frustrated with the very limited selection at the bars, and drove to a nearby backwater town for alternatives.

Mieliepop Festival

I have been to many festivals here in SA, but Mieliepop has grown into a treasured music festival of mine for all the right reasons. From marvelous line ups, great performances, friendly food stand faces, to clean loos and hot showers, all clearly planned and managed by environmentally conscious and safety-orientated management, completely focused on us to have a truly memorable music festival! An astounding success… Again.

Thank you Mieliepop, much love!

Mieliepop FestivalMieliepop Festival

Mieliepop 2017

Words: Ben-Stefan Gericke

Images: Adel la Kok


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