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Retro Dizzy at Mieliepop 2017 [Review]

Retro Dizzy

Mieliepop Festival 2017

Mieliepop Festival is around the corner… and if you don’t have your tickets yet, you better get them fast, you don’t want to miss this one!

I had a quick chat with Richard Liefeldt from Retro Dizzy, who will rock the stage at Mieliepop this year. Here’s what he had to say:

Howdy, thanks for chatting to Dirty Pink City! How are you doing?

Yeah mate, top-notch.

Excellent. So, who are the guys in Retro Dizzy?

Andre Vlok, lead sitar and vocals.
Nicolaas Rossouw, drums and Camel Lights.
Richard Liefeldt, vocals, sitar and chicken connoisseur.
Stuart Dods, vocals, bass, DJ.

Last year was a pretty rough one for most people, how was it for the band? Any highlights?

Stuarts appendix exploded and then the doctor put his liver back in upside down and now he can see through walls.

But we did find Andre on the corner of Church and Bree and he was looking for a job so we were like, ‘asuh dude come on over deteriorate with us’, and now he plays guitar and sings.

Also an angel named Tecla fell from Neptune and told us we shall be Kings and then bought us shots.

That’s cute. So, I’ve seen some banners on social media with the words “Just Relax”, what is that about?

It’s a public service announcement making sure everyone relaxes and definitely has nothing to do with our new album that came out on the 10th of Feb.

Cool, congrats on the new album. So, can we look forward to a tour?

Yeah, there will be a tour up north to make sure people know we aren’t just social media starlets.

You are part of the awesome Mieliepop Festival, what can we expect from your set?

Nudity, Jagermeister dripping from our eyeballs, sexy boys, spoken word poetry with mixed martial arts and maybe a song or 2.

How do you guys do festivals, do you go all out or is it all about unwinding?

When we go to festivals we leave our worries at the boys toilets and really embrace our trance and ska roots. But remember, just relax.

Anyone else on the line up you can recommend we see?

Medicine Boy is a national treasure and you should bring your 3D glasses and kick it left wing style.

The Deathrettes. They are coming on tour with us when we go up there and if they survive then they will be a treat to watch. Except the drummer who has been known to shop at Woolworths.

Bye Beneco. Listen mate, these homies are shaking the ground you walk on. Big ups the underground.

The Moths. Have easily the best singer in SA at the moment.

Thor Rixon. This bloody alien made an album in a bath, we can’t even make an album in a studio.

If we see you at Mieliepop, what drink/s can we buy you at the bar?


I’m sure we’ll find a bottle somewhere. What is the one thing you cannot travel without as a band?

Nicolaas, because he plays the drums and we are kak without him.

Favourite thing about festivals?

Hold handing while listening to our favourite deep house tunes.

Mmm hold handing? …Lastly, where can I buy a Retro Dizzy t-shirt before the festival?

Send us a WhatsApp with a picture of your dog and we will send you a shirt.

Aw my dog died… but enjoy the deep house tunes!

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