Rosanthorn electric cello

Rosanthorn Electric Cello Trio Releases EP [Show]

Rosanthorn electric cello


The name Rosanthorn is a combination of the cellists names – Dorette Roos forms the ‘Rose’, Anjulie Nock gets to be the ‘An’ and Thorn is Carol Thorns.

Rosanthorn Electric Cello Trio consits of the talented Dorette Roos (Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra), Carol Thorns (Electric Cello Pioneer and SAMA Nominee) and Anjulie Nock (Cellist and Composer). This all-female electric cello trio released their first self- titled 6 track EP in April 2017. It is available on Itunes and at

Rosanthorn have set out a compositional and technical journey to explore all that the Cello has to offer across multiple genres and timbres. They did this with the help of South Africa’s top composers and producers. Their repertoire includes recordings and re-interpretations of works as varied as Vivaldi’s Double Concerto in G Minor, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, and Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek.

Video: The Parting – Rosanthorn

Upcoming Rosanthorn Show:

Youngblood Gallery, 70 – 72 Bree Street.
Wed 17 May 2017
Time: 18h30
Pre-bookings: R120.00
Tickets at door: R150.00
Bookings: 087 806 5856 /



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