Five Ways To Save Money At A Music Festival


Tips to save at the next music festival

Festival season is around the corner, starting at the end of September! For many South Africans music festivals are one of the highlights of the summer months, with a lot of planning going into making a three to four-day festival a reality. But there’s no getting away from the fact that it can be a really expensive event! Fret not though, there are many top tips that will cut your spending without impacting on your experience. After all, events like this are a great way to let your hair down for a few days. Follow these five tips to save while you partythe days away:

  1. Plan ahead

Before you even think about booking your festival ticket, do some research to see what offers are out there. Once you’ve bagged a great deal, start to plan your budget. In the relaxed surroundings of a festival, it’s all too easy to lose track of what you’re spending. To combat this, set a budget well ahead of time. Have a think about how much you can realistically afford to spend in total, and divide it by the number of days you’re on site. You should also factor in a sum of money to use only in case of an emergency – after all, even the best festival experiences can be somewhat unpredictable!

  1. Travel smart

It’s perfectly simple – the earlier you can book your train or coach ticket, the more you are likely to save. As soon as you have your booking confirmation, get online to search for the best travel prices. Or, if you’re planning to drive, see if you can get some friends to pitch in some petrol money in return for a lift.

  1. What and how to eat…

For less. Festival food can be very pricey, but if you plan ahead you can save quite a bit of money. Pack some dry food basics – cereal bars, granola, crisps and crackers are all good calls – and you can eat these for breakfast and as snacks throughout the day. There’s no need to totally deprive yourself of a delicious plate of festival food – but be savvy. Have a wander around and take note of prices and portion sizes before committing. You’ll also find that lots of stalls will knock money off towards the end of the night, so if you can ignore the rumblings of your stomach you could make a real saving!

Festival tips

  1. Drink and be merry…

Different festivals have different rules on how much alcohol they’ll allow you to bring through security, so it is absolutely essential to check this out in advance. There’s literally no worse scenario than turning up with crates of booze and having it confiscated before you even set foot on site. By sticking to the rules, you can bring in the maximum allowed, thus reducing the amount you’ll need to fork out on drinks at sky-high festival prices.

  1. Stay in touch for less

Many festivals set up charging tents where you can charge up your phone for free, so keep your eyes peeled for this facility. It’s also definitely worth shopping around for a good deal on a portable charging pack. You should find you’ll be able to get at least five charges for your phone from one of these – so it’s perfect to cover you and any less organised festival companions for the whole weekend.

Festivals are exciting events that exist to offer happy and memorable experiences. But, unfortunately, they can also be expensive. Remember these five tips when you plan your next music festival trip and see how you can save without compromising your fun!


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