Ryki Releases Debut EP

Ryki Releases Debut EP

“I’ve always been singing, gigging, and competing, writing songs…”


SA Artist Ryki Releases Self-Titled EP

South African upcoming singer, Ryki, has been destined for the limelight since she started singing at the age of 8. Now, at 19, Ryki has just released her debut self-titled EP. This release comes after releasing 3 hit singles prior.

I had a quick chat with the lady behind the beautiful voice. Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Ryki, thanks for chatting to DPC. First of all, for all my readers who don’t know you, who’s the girl behind the name ‘Ryki’; Where are you from and when did your singing career kick off?

I grew up in Pretoria. I’ve always been singing, gigging, and competing, writing songs and been involved with the arts like dancing and acting. RYKI comes from my name Maryke, its been a childhood nickname my whole life. I planned to become a producer after school, do a few courses and get to know my instruments so that I can support myself and be a vocalist at the same time. The first few months of my gap year I did a few demo for a producer who needed vocals. He sent it to Universal to promote his production and they ended up asking for my contact details. I signed at Universal Music on my 18th Birthday. It fell into my lap straight from God. I remember praying over my gap year and when people ask me what did I do, I tell them the same, PRAY. I didn’t hustle like most musicians to get there but I most definitely do now.

Cool! So, congrats on the new single and music video, Throw You Down. What is the track about and how did you make the video complement it?

Its one of the first songs I felt completely happy with. I felt like myself for the first time. The theme is a bit dark but I wanted to move away from the typical subjects about love that I always write about. It’s about people using you in a relationship. They lift you up real high for their benefit and when they feel like letting go, they just throw you down. I wanted to make a statement and showcase exactly who I am in the music video. It’s a close up of me as an artists but also my feelings regarding the track. The combination of the song and the video was perfect because that’s honestly how Ryki looks and sounds like.

You are releasing your self-titled debut EP today. Can you share a bit about it; Who worked with you on it, why the title, etc.?

Every song sounds different, but my vocals tie it all together to sound like ‘Ryki’. I worked with two of my very good friends, David Balshaw and Bubele Booi (Throw You Down, What Could We, Bad Intentions). They brought out the best in me in the most beautiful place, Cape Town, the one and only Sketchy Bongo, Ameen Harron and best song writer Caleb Williams, Deemo and the amazing Kyle Watson.

The EP is not only self-tilted because its my first EP, but because this is me. This is how I sounded in each phase from 2015 to 2017.I found myself as an artist from day one of recording till the last song I did on the EP. This is listening to me grow and find Ryki’s sound from ‘Such a mess’ to ‘Bad Intentions’.

Ryki Releases Debut EP
I have to ask, who worked with you on the wardrobe, or did the costumes/styling? It’s stunning!

Jessica Samantha Lupton and Carel Combrinck! Two very amazing people and very hard and inspiring workers!

Awesome! I’ve heard that you are only 19 years old, wow! Who or what inspires you to make music?

Yes! Turning 20 in May. Right now I’m trying to find inspiration within myself and through meditating. I want to be the best me that I possibly can be. Sometimes we draw inspiration but we tend to compare and judge ourselves more at the end of the day. Right now feelings, situations and little organic things inspire me!

You also worked with TiMO ODV on Make You Love Me. How was that?

Such a cool experience. He did all the hard work and I just had to come in to record vocals. We did two songs and ended up using MYLM because it was more into his new sound direction! He’s an inspiring guy and I learned a lot in the few months we worked together.

Will you be launching the EP at a venue in Cape Town or Joburg?

Most probably in JHB at the home of Universal Music Studios.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

I’m investing most of my time into getting to know the guitar and piano for live performances, song writing and production flow. I’m also doing a few courses like sowing, pattern making, courses for Ableton and Bible Study with my boyfriend.

Awesome! Thanks for the chat, and looking forward to following your career this year!

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