Lurch Spook the Horses

Spook the Horses [Video]

Lurch Spook the Horses

Spook The Horses releases new Music Video for Lurch

Spook the Horses is an experimental, mercurial band from Wellington, New Zealand. They’ve been described as a band where every member can play every instrument Just imagine the freedom and innovation that go along with it!

In anticipation of their third album ‘People Used to Live Here’, the band just released a new video for one of the tracks, Lurch. The new album will be released in November (see the link below to pre-order).

The new video takes you on a beautiful, dark and mysterious instrumental journey. The video is a perfect visual accompaniment to the music –  somewhat eerie and abstract, but just enough to keep you drawn throughout the song.

Watch the new music video now:

Pre-order the album on Pelagic Records now: HERE

Pre-order on iTunes and get Lurch as instant-download: HERE 



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