TiMO ODV talks about his new EP


An Interview with TiMO ODV

DJ, producer and songwriter, TiMO ODV has just released his new EP, MOVE. Packed to the brim with dance floor shattering bass and experimental synth leads, this EP makes good on his promise of consistent quality dance music.

I caught up with him once again to talk about the new EP:

Hi! Thanks for chatting to DPC again. It’s been about 2 years since I first interviewed you! So, you’ve just released a new EP, Move; tell me about putting it all together, and what has the feedback been so far?

It’s been very good; I can always see in the youth if it’s going down or not when you play a new song and the crowd screams cause they already know it.

Oh that’s great! You took a bit of a darker approach with this EP. What was the inspiration behind it?

It’s just what I’ve been vibing lately; a lot of the underground music I listen to is a lot darker, so that’s probably where I get it from.


Do you think any of the tracks will be as successful as Save Me? And what is  your personal favourite on Move?

No idea; I mean I didn’t think people would like Dancing Again from my last EP, and it went on to be bigger than Save Me.

Yeah, I guess you never know. So, I read that you spent some time in Europe last year; did it influence Move in any way, and how is the European electronic music scene different from that of South Africa? 

The scene is just a lot bigger and I’d say electronic music is a lot more mature overseas with the audiences understanding it better because it’s been around so much longer there.

Normally, we are about 6 – 12 months behind the UK and US trends, what can we look forward to in electronic music next year in South Africa?

Hopefully a lot more techno and tech house.

With so many young artists entering electronic dance music in South Africa, how do you keep things fresh, unique and top-quality?

I just stick to making what I feel in my heart. I want to make I try not to follow radio trends or do things just to keep people happy. If people like it, it’s cool if they don’t, it’s also cool.


Where can we get our hands on the new EP?

iTunes, Google Play etc etc  – most online platforms.

Awesome, so where can we see you perform live next?

I play regularly all over SA but I think a cool one will be Rage in December or Corona Sunsets Cape Town.

Great, thanks for the chat and all the best for the rest of ’17!

Thank you, you too.


Images by Canton Parker.

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