Up The Creek Review 2017

To The Girl Who Sold Her Up The Creek Ticket

Up The Creek Review 2017

Up The Creek 2017

The end of January is synonymous with only one thing: Up The Creek Festival! This year I had to buy a ticket for a friend, and found one from a girl who sold hers on the festival’s event page on Facebook. This is a letter to her:

Dear Almost-Up-The-Creeker,

Thank you for selling your ticket to me this year. I must say, it was one of my favourites yet. You told me you couldn’t go, I am not entirely sure why you made this decision, but you sure missed out on a lot!

We arrived on Friday and was blessed by the most amazing rainy day. They moved the popular River Stage to one of the other tents, and we all snuggled underneath it watching some of the best local artists and bands like The Liminals, the famous Blues Broers and Anne Jangle – Have you heard this woman’s amazing voice?

Up The Creek Review 2017

As the rain poured down, we filled our cups with beer, wine and, of course, Jägermeister! I don’t want to contribute to your regret, but it was an amazing experience – Like joining a massive house party, celebrating the marvelous rain that gave some much-needed relief to the entire Western Cape.

On Friday evening we were spoiled with a top line up that included the world-class Dan Patlansky, Taxi Violence and Southern Wild. This triad was like being treated to a three-course gourmet dinner – The best of the best! Patlansky spoiled us to a musical masterpiece of a performance showing his skills on the guitar, while Southern Wild blew everyone in the audience’s mind with their intense set. And, of course, Taxi Violence just added to it all with their usual solid rock ‘n’ roll. You missed out on all of this… why did you sell your ticket?

I am really sorry you couldn’t go. You also missed out on the amazing river! I’m sure you’ve seen some photos of it from previous festivals. On Saturday the rain had gone, and a beautiful day awaited us. Everyone had some sort of inflatable – a swan, a unicorn or donut – and we took over the river in a rainbow mass. The river stage was up and running again and the artists – The Wandering Gypsies, Forefront, Rubber Duc, Early Hours and Los Tacos – all contributed to a lazy, laid-back party atmosphere.

Up The Creek Review 2017

Beside the music, I am sure you would’ve also loved the food! We grabbed festival pizza and lounged around on the bean bags after the best day on the banks of the Breede River.


Up The Creek Review 2017

Our night kicked off with Slow Jack. I wish you could’ve seen how these guys have grown over the past year! They are now a band full of confidence, offering an energetic set that gets the party started as soon as they appear on stage.

No strangers to the festival scene in South Africa, Crimson House and Jack Parow continued with the party on Saturday night. Jack brought along a group of the Cape Town minstrels, The Happy Boys, and you must’ve seen how the audience enjoyed it – True local fun! We were even spoiled with the famous Jägermeister Brass Cartel – You missed all of this.

We got some decent sleep and woke up to another beautiful, sunny day on Sunday. Up The Creek made sure the party didn’t stop and organised a couple of artists to play on the banks of the river once again. You see, you could’ve even had a fun-filled Sunday.

Up The Creek Review 2017Up The Creek Review 2017

Tired, but happy, we headed home with plenty of new memories, friends and cool pics. I really hope that you can make it next time! I would hate to buy your ticket again and have to write a letter to you for the second time.

Thanks for the ticket, though, but you missed out on so much…

Up The Creek, see you in 2018!




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