Pearl necklace

Why pearls turn yellow

Pearl necklace

Pearls have been regarded as treasures since ancient times when people first discovered them. As a rare organic gemstone in the jewellery industry, they are much loved by people. However, in almost all pearls, after decades, the epidermis will slowly turn yellow without the beautiful lustre unique to the pearls’ cheap personalized necklaces.

The texture of pearls is not only the same as that of women, but even the spleen is more or less the same. They need to be carefully cared for and maintained by others in order to regain their vitality and vitality for a long time. But in fact, the phenomenon that pearls personalized necklaces cheap turn yellow can be artificially changed and prevented.

First of all, let’s take a look-why pearl “turn yellow”? The composition of pearls is organic calcium carbonate. Each pearl contains more than 90% calcium carbonate and about 4% of water. The chemical stability is poor. The pearl infinity name necklace (getnamenecklace) is exposed to the air for a long time, and the pearl layer is oxidized and changes from white to yellow.

After the pearl turns yellow, there are some remedies. Soaking in 3%-5% dilute hydrochloric acid will dissolve the yellowed shell, and make pearls reappear crystal bright and glorious lustre, but if the colour fades too serious, it is difficult to reverse.

What should you avoid wearing pearls?

1. Avoid direct high temperature

Pearl jewellery is exposed to high temperature for a long time. Excessive contact with ultraviolet rays will cause pearls to change colour and reduce gloss. Therefore, when wearing pearl necklaces, avoid long-term expectations in high-temperature places.

2. Avoid putting with multiple pieces of jewellery

The hardness of pearls is between 2.5-4.5, which is not very high. If you put it together with high-quality gem metal jewellery, the pearl surface will be easily abraded, leaving scratches on the surface, so be sure to use a separate jewellery box to place your pearls.

3. Don’t wear pearls into the kitchen

The oil fume in the kitchen is also a pearl killer. The surface of the pearl monogram ring has small pores, and the oil fume and steam are all-pervasive. These substances enter the pearl and cause the pearl to turn yellow.

4. Avoid wearing pearl exercise

Do not wear pearls for sports or household chores. Urea in sweat contains acids, which have an erosive effect on pearls. They can turn pearls yellow and damage the epidermis for a long time.

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How to maintain pearls?

– If the pearl is accidentally stained with dirt, you can directly wipe it with a clean white cotton cloth. Do not wash it with tap water. If the cotton cloth cannot wipe off, you can wipe it with a small amount of pure water and pay attention to dry it in a ventilated place.

– Regularly maintain pearls when not wearing them. Wipe dust and bacteria on the surface of the pearls with a flannel. The fabric of the flannel must be soft and absorbent.

– The cotton thread of the pearl my name necklace bracelet will be contaminated after a long time. It is best to change it once a year.

The pearl is gentle and elegant, and it is most similar to the temperament of an oriental woman. Because of this, Pearl’s “disposition” is just like a woman. It requires everyone’s careful and long-term care and maintenance to become moist and beautiful.


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