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An Interview with Woodstock Brewery

Woodstock Brewery

Woodstock Brewery at Hermanus Craft Beer Festival

If you want to escape the Mother City this December, the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival, is just for you! This boozy festival is happening on the 22nd of December. It’s an exciting event with top craft beer and an excellent line up of local artists in a beautiful coastal town.

I caught up with Woodstock Brewery, who will be at the festival, to chat about the event and a few other things…

Hi, thanks for chatting to Dirty Pink City! What’s the story or history behind the brewery?

The journey for Woodstock Brewery began in Korea when Andre Viljoen decided that he wanted to try out something entrepreneurial and move back to the Mother City. The decision to go with a brewery was inspired by the fact that it was a perfect combination of art, business and science. In addition, there was a big gap in the craft beer market in South Africa. Andre bought the building off of the internet using Google Street View in a neighborhood which was, at the time, the burgeoning foodie center of Cape Town. The building was a mass of concrete, perfect for a brewery, which would otherwise have ended up as a landfill.

Woodstock Brewery produces and distributes a wide variety of interesting craft ales and lagers, including seasonals and speciality brews. The Brewery is located in a repurposed Woodstock landmark and is a state-of-the-art facility producing amongst the best of Cape Town’s offerings. We host Brewery tours and tastings and growler and bottle sales from our Tap Room.

Awesome! Please introduce your range of beers:

We do a Happy Pills Pilsner, Hazy Daze Witbier, Pot Belge Amber Ale, Rhythm Stick EPA and Californicator IPA. We also do 4 seasonals and a speciality beer.

And which is your most popular beer currently?

Californicator in bottles, Happy Pills in kegs.

Are there any special, or perhaps weird, ingredients in any of your beers?

For our seasonals we use a variety of things, granadilla pulp in our Acid Queen Sour, Vanilla Pods in our Lady of the Night Porter and Hazelnut flavourant in our Mr Brownstone Hazelnut Brown Ale.

Woodstock BreweryWoodstock Brewery

So, why do you think craft beer is so popular, especially among young people, these days?

When they go out, they want something different and better than the usual mass produced beer. Craft beer has so much to offer flavour and aroma wise, that it is an experience drinking it.

What makes your brewery and beers different, and why should people come look for you at the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival?

Our seasonals and specialities are always something special. Our Sugarman Belgian Quad is aged in red wine barrels for 6 moths and is sublime! Our IPA is also the no.1 rated IPA in SA on Untappd.

Where can we follow you online?





If not at the festival, where can we come taste your beers?

Best place is in our Tap Room at the brewery in Woodstock. Freshest beer, full range on tap and growler sales.

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