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An Interview with Saggy Stone Brewery

Saggy Stone Brewery

Saggy Stone Brewery at Hermanus Craft Beer Festival

If you want to escape the Mother City this next week, the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival, is just for you! This exciting craft beer festival is happening on the 22nd of December. It’s a fun event with top craft beer and an excellent line up of local artists in a beautiful coastal town.

I caught up with Saggy Stone Brewery, who will be at the festival, to chat about the event and a few other things…

Hi, thanks for chatting to Dirty Pink City! What’s the story or history behind the brewery?

Saggy Stone beers are crafted on the Amandalia Farm, in the heart of the Nuy Valley. The farms’ natural spring provides the perfect water source for our beers.

The story starts when two brothers decided to buy a wine farm and start exporting wines. This changed after a visit to Australia, where they were inspired to brew beer. And after a few test brews, many experiments and a healthy dose of support from family and friends, The Saggy Stone Brewery was born.

Awesome! And the name?

While a lapa was being built on the farm, a troop of baboons came to dance on the walls, causing the stones to sag. One brothers daughter then called it the ‘Saggy Stone Lapa’ and the name stuck.

Please introduce your range of beers:

We have 5 beers in our range:

Desert Lager easy drinking summer beer with 10% wheat malt.

Dark horse lager  a German dark lager 4%alc, light bodied.

Big Red Ale traditional Irish red ale, carbonated with 70% Nitrogen.

Rocky River pale ale with cascade and Amarillo hops.

California Steam Ale 6% alc.

So, which is your most popular beer currently? 

California Steam Ale

Are there any special, or perhaps weird, ingredients in any of your beers? 

We only use 100% malted Barley, hops and our natural mountain spring water in our beer.

Saggy Stone Brewery

Why do you think craft beer is so popular, especially among young people, these days? 

They are always looking for the next new thing, and the great thing about the craft beer industry is there is no end to the creativity of making new beers, new collaborations and having fun at the same time.

What makes your brewery and beers different, and why should people come look for you at the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival? 

Whats different is that we use our own mountain spring water and that our beers are accessible. We have also launched our beer range in 500ml cans!

Where can we follow you online? and all social media platforms.

And, if not at the festival, where can we come taste your beers? 

Either at our pub on the farm or soon to be released at Checkers Liquorshop.

Hermanus Craft Beer Festival


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