zapper south africa

The New Way To Pay On A Night Out

zapper south africa

Using The Zapper App

Winter is not my favourite season; Cape Town basically goes into hibernation, live music events are scarce, and restaurants are emptier than usual. But because I can’t stay at home for too many consecutive nights, I am always on the lookout for restaurants with a fireplace, or at least a really cosy atmosphere. A while ago we stumbled upon Cafe Extrablatt in Greenpoint, and it quickly became one of my favourite eateries in Cape Town. It’s not far from the CBD, and their food is delicious and excellent value for money. It’s the perfect place for cold winter nights when you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg on good food.

So, when I was recently asked to review the Zapper App, I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

I’ve used Zapper before (after I forgot my card at home one night!) and was amazed at how quickly the bill was settled. Zapper is an easy-to-download App that lets you add your banking details by simply scanning your card or manually entering it.


Finding cool places

The App also has a great feature that allows you to scan your area for places that use Zapper (and there are many throughout South Africa!).

While scanning the map, I realised that there are some interesting places in and around Cape Town, that I don’t even know about, that are Zapper-friendly – Go check the App out for yourself. And remember, you also get R25 off your first transaction – Pretty cool!


No more cards!

Once you receive your bill, you simply scan the Zapper square (or QR code, as seen above) on the bill, choose the card you want to pay with, and, voila!, the bill is settled. The waitron will receive the confirmation on the restaurant’s printer.

Upon arrival at Extrablatt, I saw the Zapper logo at the entrance. The waitron also confirmed that they use Zapper, and that I can simply show her the confirmation once I paid through the App – It’s THAT easy.

Zapper South Africa


As usual, the atmosphere at Extrablatt was warm and cosy. We found an intimate spot at the fireplace and ordered White Russians from the extensive cocktail list.

Cafe Extrablatt has an exciting winter menu at the moment, so be sure to check that out as well! And go early, as the restaurant’s upper section can fill up quite quickly.

zapper south africa

At the end of the night, I had to download the App again, as mine were not updated, but once everything was installed again, it was easier to pay than ordering the food!

Zapper South Africa

We asked for the bill, scanned the QR code, entered the tip amount, and settled the amount. Within a few seconds the waitress received the confirmation, and we were good to go.

Zapper is the new way to pay for, well, almost anything! From petrol, to theatre productions and food. And if you are out with friends and want to split the bill, Zapper can do that for you as well!

Benefits of Zapper

  • Easy to download and load your details
  • Great way to find new places in your area with the map feature
  • Quick payments
  • Great customer service

Thank you Zapper – It was a great night out!

Zapper South Africa

Featured image from Extrablatt’s website.


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    1. Hi Ashley! What a great idea. Perhaps I will look at doing this in a month or two! Have you ever used any of these apps?

      Thanks for the idea 🙂

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